Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Movie Night

This movie is funny. Yes it's a family show but it's good. Tim Allen sure makes a good dawg. LOL.

Then as usual we headed to Starbucks for Koffee. keke.

Thanks to the girls SK & Gladys + Gene who accompanied me.

Monday, March 13, 2006

SSO Round 1.6

SSO Round 1.6
Pre-Viagra Winner (Cars under 1300cc)
Left for KL after work and a shower, the day was blistering hot! Arrived at the Sg. Buloh rest stop for dinner, Burger King! Yum. Then sped of to YSKhong Motorsports where my new tires were waiting to meet my rims. Thanks YSKHONG Motorsports for the late night service which ended around 10pm+. Xarrax & the rest of the crew, Thank You.
Left to meet up with Xarrax, Camsaw & Victor at Sunway. We convoyed to Shah Alam and confirmed our registration, did the necessary course walk, studied the course. Sandy patches a pot hole and loads of loose gravel = FUN!
The sun was shining bright, it was HOT, really HOT. I got sunburn and I was under a shaded tree. But as the day went on the clouds provided shade from the streaking heat.
My toughest competitor was Ian in his Suzi and Chan also in a Kelisa. Ian was running typical settings with BFGoodrich tires, Chan was on Silverstone Semi Slicks. Wow! I was only running Falken road tires! LoL. But the competition was tough I had to push as far as the car would let me.
Around midday when the 2nd round of time attack was taking place there was a small incident. A car flipped and did a 270 degree flip before landing on the passanger side.
After all the timed events I headed towards victory lane! They had a big platform for the winners. It was near the Drift session, so I had the chance to snap a japanese drifto monster. So after the event Ian, Boon, Julian and myself convoyed back to Bandar Utama for a stop to park our cars and headed for dinner in SS2 in a brand new Ford Focus. Gosh its spacious. I didn't have a chance to take photos of the car.
Woke up late around 11am and headed towards Cheras to see my uncle and grandma. Then headed for the highway around 12pm. Took a slow drive back to Penang. Lucky I had some company there with me or it would have been a really slow boring ride back. Thanks Cutie.
....and that concludes this episode of Proton SSO Time Attack 1.6.......next stop JOHOR.