Sunday, April 29, 2007

Miami Vice

I finally made time to watch this remake. Not a bad show. It's interesting to see how the two of them can work together so well. I liked the cars they used in the show, although they should have had more chase scenes.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 6.5/10

TBS Paintball 2007

The paint ballers!

Yup it's my first time taking part in a Paintball session and it's about time! I have always wanted to play but every time I ask people come up with some sort of excuse to get out of it. At least the guys at TBS were more than willing to take part. So after 1 week of planning it comes down to 2 teams of 5 on 5 to slug it out on the battlefield. I was surprised to see the set up at an empty land near Bukit Gambier.

Unfortunately for us it rained overnight and there were water puddles everywhere. But that didn't stop any of us from running around enthusiastically in the mud. At least it was cloudy and only a slight drizzle was coming from the sky from time to time. Were were split to 2 teams of yellow and green. Bought like 4000 pallets and set up for a game with 2 sessions consisting of best of 3 games each session.

It was fun, from the word GO! from the marshal, you can feel the adrenaline pumping and keeping your head down and heading for cover as you hear paint pallets hit barrels, tires and wood. I didn't do too well for my first time, got hit 3 times on the legs and 3 times on the helmet. But all in all, it was a good workout, although my thighs and lower back is now sore, it was well worth it.

The price was quite reasonable. Since we had 10 people each person had to pay RM70 for the entire session. So I hope more people take part in the near future.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Congratulations on your engagement Sherene and Pete. All the best.

Don't forget to invite me yea. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

some photos of saturday night

Rosie sis

Edzil and I

..a relaxing saturday..

This is one of those rare weekends that I have nothing much to do. Usually I would be in KL like I have been for in the past few weeks. But this weekend it was pretty quiet. I guess it's pretty good to have a little R&R. Work is still hellish.

Got up around 8:30am and just did my daily ritual, check emails, chat with friends who are awake & scavage for food. still i had plans to take Suby out for an oil change, finally past 1000km mark since the car had an overhaul. I usually go to this place at Terengganu Road, I kinda forgot the workshops name but it's the only there.

I was hungry so I headed to Subway at e-gate and bought myself a FOOT long Italian B.M.T. Then wasted the day away watching Scrubs and playing a few games.

With nothing else to do I decided to join Rosie sis for dinner. Was accompanied by the rest of her posse, we all went for cheap japanese cooked food along Burma road. Cheap stuff and the food is pretty good, the only downside is the looooooooooooooooooong wait time. By the time we were done with dinner we headed to Golden Sands for a drink at the lounge. The bar had a special on Martini Cocktails, so I decided to have a Appletini. Wheee! A little strong but yummy. The lounge area is a great place to unwind with a live band playing oldies and such.

I decided not to join the posse for a movie 'cause I have a bowling tournament the next morning. To end the night an easy ride through TB's winding road and straight home to bed :)

Friday, April 20, 2007


I've always like the sitcom Scrubs when it premiered on Astro like 1 1/2 years ago. But time got the best of me and I missed a lot of episodes. I just couldn't keep up with the show anymore. So here I am now and I must tell you Torrent files are great and I've been using them for quite a while now to get stuff that isn't so accessible anymore in the local shops. Like getting the entire season of Scrubs, although it took like a whole week to download 1 season it was worth it!

What impresses me about the sitcom is how silly it can get sometimes and how darn right serious it can be when it relates to real life scenarios. I must say that the entire cast are just brilliant when they show their expression, it really captures the moment. I've also picked up some sicknesses that were used in the show and did some research and hopefully one day my knowledge would be used.

Anyways here I am blogging about Scrubs because I have spend most of my free time watching season 1-4 in 1 week. Yup not missing much around 'cause I don't have much to do anyways. Work, eat, check mail, Scrubs & Sleep. Oh there is the occasional outings with a couple of friends from work. At least I'm promoting the shows to some friends who still have the time to watch it and we can laugh about it when the conversation comes up regarding it.

Ahh a good show indeed.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A year older

It's that time of year again. People say you're 1 year wiser and all. I might not feel any wiser yet but the day felt great. Everyone in the house decided to buy me dinner a day earlier so we went to this nice western food place which is nearby called Ben's Diner. I ordered the Pork Ribs and OMG they were good and for that price I would have ordered 2!

Although I was a little late for work I had a little smirk on my face that I couldn't seem to wipe off the whole day. I appreciate all the phone calls and sms and msn messages that i recieved at the stroke of midnight. Being 1 year older isn't so bad, I wonder why some people complain. But then again who am I to judge people huh?

All I know is that I felt appreciated and it feels good to know that you have friends all over who actually care and take notice. Everything felt perfect and as I walked into the office I found 2 presents at my cube wow. Mind you it was 6am and I just couldn't help but smile and thank the people who gave me these presents. Stan, Glad, Rosie. Love the nice shirts ya gave me. Thank You soo much.

The rest of the day was pretty good and the team decided to actually get me a cake. It was a nice cake from Jenny's Cake Hous. Mmmm Mmmmm...they make some goooood cakes and the one we shared was a Cheese Choc cake, yummy. Thanks all.

Later on I got a msg from Peng Ngun to go bowling and I thought what the heck, let's do it. Yea I need a practice for the upcoming interoffice tournament. Thanks for the invite bro.

Then to end the day I had dinner with Sam. We decided to head to Sushi King and we had quite a plesant chat about almost everything. Lol. Thanks for the company Sam. Although I would have liked to drive down to my favorite pasta/western place...Mario's. But it's a Monday and I hate slow traffic. Hehe. Next time yea.

Thank You all Again for the wishes and company.

Birthday Shout Out!


Iona Khong
Andrew Ong
Mic (i dunno your full name haha)
Wooi Heong

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bringing Suby back

This time it's done. I got a call from Superstar Ian about Suby. "It's all done" he said, "will call you when we get to Penang" he continued. Kenneth and Ian were in Ipoh for some business and they decided to pick me up. They also decided to have dinner here and I took them to a nearby hawker shop called Super Tanker. They sure enjoyed the hawker food. Lol. Who can blame them, I still think Penang has the best Chinese Hawker food. Thanks guys. I also enjoyed the topics that we discussed in the car that kept us laughing and awake throughout the whole journey back to KL. By the time we arrived it was like 2:30am and we were all pretty tired. Everyone called it a night.

Saturday morning, back to the workshop to pick up Suby. Finally it's time to drive it like it's suppose to be. But the engine rebuild means I would have to stay below 5000rpm and no free revving the engine too. So I drove around PJ picking people up here and there and tested out Suby. Everything was fine now and I'm glad plus happy. :)

Saturday night usually means clubbing or karaoke but this time around I decided to go bowling with everyone. Yes you guys keep asking to make the decisions, so there ya go! ball with 10 pins. muahah. Superstar Ian was damn good, Nigel, Kenneth and Jiannin was there too. It was by far the most different outing I have had with the gang. I kinda hated bowling with the house ball, they are crap. Then we headed for mamak to eat and chat.

Sunday morning Sifu, Superstar, Kenneth, Nigel and I all went for brunch at this restaurant that serves Lam Mee. The Lam Mee is different down south, thick type noodles with black sauce. After we were done I decided to start my journey with Suby back up north to Penang. Come to think of it I have been down to KL for the past 4-5 weeks.

I'll be taking a break from trips to KL for a while. So I can recover and prepare for GRA and other events.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

R3 Round 5 2006

Pre-Viagra (Cars Under 1300cc) Class : 1st

Now this is a photo that is wayyy past due to post. Thanks Ho.

...sadly it's true....

this message goes out to a friend of mine.

I know I ain't much of a talker if you didn't already notice. LoL. But I've been through similar situations and life just isn't fair. If it were there wouldn't be sad people in this world. I believe that everything has to be balanced. Yin and Yang, Good and Bad.

Feelings can be damaged but that can be fixed. Life is too large to sulk and be sad over something that has already happen. I know you're sad but look on the bright side, you've got friends who care and that matters most because they will be your Saviour although you might not know it at first.

Well I can't say that I know everything about these situations. But I'll help in any way possible, 'cause I don't like to see my friends being sad. It makes me happy that other people are happy. :)

If you ever trip or fall over make sure you pick yourself up and dust yourself off and be a stronger person.



Cowabunga dudes! A phrase that I haven't heard for many many years. It's nice to see that some people still take a liking to TMNT and I know that my generation grew up watching the cartoons that aired on Saturday mornings every weekend. I got up just to watch these turtles kick butt. Be seriously this movie in this century has shown us how technology has evolved and what to expect in a couple of years time. Some people might not like it cause it's kinda dark, yes I do agree, but that's how it is. This isn't the original cartoon anymore, but people who had read the comics that one popular comic artist drew and sadly enough I can't seem to remember his name.

I walked out impressed with the technology they used. Although they did use the 3d tech from another animation that I just can't remember. Arrgh my memory. So thanks to Rosie, Edzil and GF whose name I also forgot gahh! *sorry bro** plus Sam who tagged along.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 7.5/10

Spelling Lessons at Lunch

I had lunch the other day at a place near work with Stan, Glad & Sis. Here we were having economy rice and while we were scooping our veggies and meaty meals we heard a cry for help on how to translate a hokkien word to english that happens to be Fried. I helped the nice lady that runs the place regarding that word and slowly walked to the next tray to pick up some delicious chicken. Then another cry for help on how to spell the word Fried. A nice gentleman did the honors by spelling slowly..and we all heard...F-I-R-E-D.

Then some of us actually looked at each other and felt stumped on what we just heard. Its like those moments that when you know it's wrong but your brain just needs a few more little seconds to register it to confirm the mistake. LoL. We giggled and laughed, sadly enough we didn't bother to correct that mistake. Lord have mercy on our souls. ahahahahahhaahah....fired pork! weirdly enough none of us took that dish either. haahahahahahahhah.

The Infamous Fired Pork

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Photos from my Short Holiday

Felipe Massa Interview

Left to Right : Me, Nigel, Kenneth

The girls that we hanged out with that night

Friday, April 06, 2007

A Short Holiday - Workshop, Party and Sleep?

Wheee! It's the start of a long weekend for me. The management is nice enough to give Good Friday and Easter Monday OFF days. The team decided to head to Genting Highlands for a holiday, they will leave on Friday evening. So what does that mean for me? A trip down to KayEl.

Started my seemingly long journey from Penang at 10am and had a 2 car convoy with Gladys. We left around 10am and took a slow and steady drive and arrived around 2pm. Then it was off to the workshop for me, Ian again dreaded the green suby at the shop with weird problems. LoL. Guess Suby is part of a test subject for diagnosing some issues. Well at least we all learn something new from all this.

Bridgestone Tire Launch Party
After a few hours of sitting around chatting we had to get ready for a Bridgestone Tire Launch party. The party was held at Rums, I think that's the correct spelling. Lots of nice Tuner cars were lined up outside the parking area beside the Ferrari F1 car. A private party that is by invitation only pass was given to me and goodie bag was exchanged for it before entering the party. They also provided food to eat, we all chowed down everything and had a couple of beers. So the party then started around 8pm, the nice MC introduced some videos from Bridgestone and mentioned that Felipe Massa will be here too for a short interview. There was some games, fashion shows and dance shows on the stage which filled up the remaining time after the interview. Although I must say that it's a little disappointing, maybe because there wasn't enough chicks to check out and it was Thursday too. LoL. Oh well the goodie bag was enough to fill that hole.

A Friday at the Workshop (as usual)
On Friday I spent almost the whole day at the workshop as we try once again to tackle the weird issue that Suby has. I would like to thank the workshop boys for staying back and doing their best to get this sorted out. So after dinner we just hanged out at Ian's place till well I decided to get some sleep and rest for a long day on Saturday. The team planned a Genting trip so my plan was to meet them up there.

Genting Trip with the Big Red Chicken Wing
Since Suby wasn't in any shape to climb the hill, I was offered to drive the "Big Red Chicken Wing" which is my Sifu's car nickname. It's truly a special experience to drive the legendary car. At the top I met up with everyone and we checked into the hotel room. Most of us went our own way to spend the day. I spent most of my time at the casino (I wasn't luck though) and everyone then met up at lunch before deciding to get tickets for some rides. I didn't have a chance to experience the outdoor roller coaster rides because I didn't want to keep the car up here for 1 night. A few of us went for the bumper car ride, that was fun. Then around 3pm I headed back down to the workshop where I did yet more waiting and thinking.

One of those Saturday Nights at the Club
After the shop closed Ian, Nigel and myself went for dinner nearby and talked about what was planned for the rest of the night. It was a Saturday night, so it was either Mamak, Clubbing or KaraOKe, we went for KaraOKe last week and Mamak was a little boring. So Clubbing it was, headed to Rush. I've been to this club a couple of times last year and it was happening!. The place would be crowded and it was a challenge to walk past people to get to the toilet. But this time it was kind of disappointing, it was no longer THE hang out spot anymore. We kinda noticed that at the entrance, but we decided to hang out here anyways since it was close by. There were some cute chicks but somehow we weren't that interested. The party ended early because of MPPJ who decided to raid the place. Nothing much happened at the raid, so we just decided to leave and head home.

And then it's Sunday....
I had to leave Suby behind again so she'll get better. So I gave Gladys a call to hitch a ride in her car back to Penang. Thanks Ivan for driving.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kelisa to Impreza

Some people ask me what it's like jumping from a K-Car Kelisa to a Monster Impreza.

Here's what I wrote:'s_review.php

***Special Thanks to Jiannin for editing the photos and attaching them to my story**

Sunday, April 01, 2007

picking up Suby and another weekend in KL

Finally it's done. Everything has been opened and cleaned and replaced. Seeing Suby in 1 piece again is good. Although there are some minor issues with the throttle position, it makes using the air cond in normal days kind of hard, but I'll live. So I decided to drive the car back to home anyways, after an overhaul like that the parts needs to run-in to ensure it works perfectly in the future. So I have a drive limit to 3500 rpm, believe me when I say it's really really hard to drive this car within that low limit. Thanks to YSKHONG Motorsports for all their hard work and superb workmanship.

My weekend in KL was interesting, I finally met up with my best friend from Primary school. I haven't seen him for 14 years! It's a miracle how technology makes the world smaller. We met up at 1-Utama Nandos for dinner and chat about old times. I'm sure we'll meet up again sometime for a drink old friend ;)

Saturday night in KL, the gang actually wanted to go out and do something, so we all headed to Morocco or something like that. We all decided to do something different, so it was KARAOKE night! Fun fun fun. Thanks for the good times.

Next week...KL again!