Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy Busy Busy.....:(

It's been a busy week at the office and I think it's getting to me. Maybe the memory loss is part of the stressfulness I've been experiencing. It seems that there are just too many things to multi task at my current level of employment. Me thinks it is time to jump ship to one that isn't having so many issues to fix.

Flying to KL and back

Another weekend in KL. But this time Suby is getting some well earned rest. I'll most probably be taking flights or the bus for a while, it is time to recover from some major spending on repairs and maintenance.

The 2 cheapest airlines available here are Firefly and Air Asia. Cheap tickets but with slightly higher Taxes on Fuel and Sales or something like that. Overall the tickets are cheaper than MAS...most of the time. They do hike the price of the tickets on the weekends or during the peak periods. But if you do book early you'd be able to get tickets from as low RM1 or even FREE, the only catch is you'd have to book it within a certain period and fly at a certain date. I haven't flown with Firefly yet but I will this coming weekend. Air Asia has been good to me so far, no major issues or delays.

So I arrived on Friday evening where I was greeted by Sweetie who drove all the way from work to pick me up. Muaks! We went home to a happy Zoey who must have been missing us alot, she was jumping with joy and running everywhere. Later on we headed for dinner at Asia Cafe for some Chinese rice and dishes with a LARGE orange juice drink. One LARGE mug is about RM5.50 and is enough for 2 people to share. If you'd remember, my Xbox 360 had the 3ROD issue and while surfing on the Lowyat forums I found a guy who could fix the 360. So I decided to deliver it to him after dinner. We then returned home and decided to watch a DVD, Hitman was what we decided to watch and by the end of the movie Tigela and Rosila came over. Guess everyone was tired, so we just went straight to bed.

Saturday was a slow and relaxing day. Sweetie decided to get up about tea time, then we decided to go shopping for some furniture. The LDP Furniture place is pretty big with lots of choices, but we decided to make sure what we can fit before we bought a table. We joined the entire gang for dinner at PJ Old Town for some good bak kut teh. After dinner everyone moved to the usual hang out spot where Mahjong is practiced and PS3 is to entertain the speed freaks.

Sunday morning 7am some of them were finishing up playing Mahjong, everyone else just decided to sleep on the couch and the floor. They all had this crazy idea to eat Dim Sum straight after everything! Haha. After Breakfast we all went home, I went home to catch some sleep and so did Sweetie. We all woke up again about 3pm and watched TV or chat online and Rosila wanted to eat at Paddingtons House of Pancakes, which is one of Sweetie's places to eat. Honey Stacked Pancakes...mmm..mmmm. By the time we were done it was 6pm and we had almost no time to shop around because I had to fly back to PG around 9pm.

But all in all it was a good weekend and I hope to have another good one this coming weekend.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dyno Run Chart

Well here it is, Suby's first Dyno Run Results. Slight improvement after leaning out the Fuel which makes Air/Fuel ratio better. Tuning that gave HP & Torque a slight boost, talking about boost that too went up a little.

Take note that the Blue line is BEFORE e-manage tuning and Red line is AFTER tuning the piggyback.

Here is the 1st Dyno Chart and the top half which shows Power in (PS) and the bottom half shows Air/Fuel Ratio and Boost.

Nearly the chart but the top half is Torque, before and after.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday ShoutOut - Katheryna

Happy Birthday Kat!

Best wishes from,
Andy, Charlene & Zoey

Piggy for Suby's Heart & Brain

After Suby got a new heart, it needed the mileage so that the metal parts would be worn in nicely. 1000km was the 1st oil change, 5000km was the second. Last week was the third oil change and since I was already in KL for a couple of days, I decided to go ahead to get the piggyback for the ECU. Running in the engine is a slow and painful process as you're limited to 3000RPM with no sudden boost. All to ensure that the engine is in good shape for the long run. But anyways running in the engine is complete and now it's time to tune it so I can unleash the potential of the new block.

Headed to GT Auto which is located in Sunway aka Tuning heaven. Lots of Jap-Performance cars all around. So here's what I opt for, Greddy e-Manage which I think has a butt load of functions to tune. In total it took about 9 hours to install and wait for the dyno to be vacant before Suby strapped on. While on the dyno the car will be tuned at the same time and it took a total of 12 runs to tune everything to get the best from the block.

Next the Dyno Chart.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day! my sweetie Charlene who i miss alot when we're apart...
I cherish every moment when we're together,
Thank You for the lovely rose,
You light up my life.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sweeny Todd

Ahhh a theater musical turned into a movie. But with more star power. The music was interesting and the show was really quite a twist. It might be a little slow at the start but believe me it gets more and more interesting through the show.

Johnny Depp was really good in the movie and he did his own singing, which was impressive. All the characters in the show was really played well.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 7.5/10

Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

When I bought the my XBOX 360 I didn't do my homework. So when I turned on my 360 last Saturday February 9th 2008 it locked up while I was playing my game. After restarting it several times the system refused to even start to the loading screen and show the 3 Flashing Red Rings. (photo below)

So I took it to the shop to see if I have any warranty, alas bad news, warranty ended quite some time back. But not to worry they usually replace the motherboard for RM450-500 depending on the board. To make things worst, there was a shortage of Motherboards for the 360!. So I decided to go home and try some of the DIY fixes I found on the internet from Youtube and several other forums.

Well what do you know the DIY fix actually works, but I don't know how long it will last before the problem would arise again. In addition to that DIY fix, I'm going to make additional external fans for the unit so it'll blow and suck more air to keep it cool.

What caused the problem in the first place is a KNOWN ISSUE from Microsoft. Apparently the unit generates alot of heat and the design of the 360 can't stand the heat, so some part of the CPU and GPU solders would actually break or melt away. I'm not sure what I have, it might not be as serious so I think better cooling for the unit would help it extend it's life.

I'll update more on my DIY Fan Cooling for the 360.

The CNY Weekend

Ahh Chinese New Year has come and gone, with lots of Ang Pau from lots of people. I haven't started counting how much I got but I've got time to do that later. It's always SOOOO BLOODY HOT when it is the CNY season. But it did rain on the 3rd day for a while which made things a little more humid. Sweetie was down on CNY eve and Zoey was already staying with me for a couple of days.

On the first day we went visiting Sweetie's family members from all over. Had a blast with Zoey following us around in her Cheong-Sam dress. She got an ang pau too, lucky mutt. Had lunch and dinner with her family and went to bed straight after everything was done. Phew!.

The second day was a little blur to me, didn't do much except rest, watch a couple of shows and went for dinner with my family at a nearby restaurant called 'Gei Tuck Sek' I think that is how it's spelled. Anyways the dinner wasn't too bad, lots of people too.

Then came the weekend. MY XBOX 360 decided to lock up and show the Red Ring of Death! (more on this later) We decided to book a spa session at Danai Spa at Tanjung Tokong and took the Favourites Package which included 90mins Danai Signature Massage, 40mins scrub & 20mins bath. The massage was excellent, but the scrub that I chose was called Ginger Salt Glow and it was kinda painful at the more sensitive skin parts, the salt used was really rough and when applied it sounded like sandpaper while your skin burns. LoL. Shower and Bath was good as we took the muscle ease salt bath option. Everything was good at the spa, I recommend anyone looking for a relaxing time to book yourself for a session.

After pampering ourselves to the spa treatment we got hungry and went further up to Batu Feringgi to have an Italian treat at Marios. Sweetie had the lasagna and I had the meatball spaghetti. We also ordered the Clam Chowder that came in a bowl made of bread, which was also really good. Since we were already at Batu Ferringi we stopped by the local DVD shop to get some shows and we bought like RM80 worth of shows. lol.

Sunday was like any other lazy weekend. Spent it playing with Zoey and having banana leaf dinner with at Jaya's. Later that night Sweetie had to hop on a plane and fly back to KL so she can work on Monday and Tuesday. She'll be back on Tuesday night before we head to AS for some things.

Once again, HAPPY CNY!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Monday, February 04, 2008

A weekend in PG

It's been a while since I've spent a weekend in Penang eventhough I live here. Lol. Been travelling so often that I feel that I live in another place. Everything was good till I had food poisoning on Friday night which made the weekend a little boring. Sometimes I wonder if I have this curse that if I do plan things ahead of time they will be messed up. Well not all the time but most of the time...things....don't....go as planned.

Last weekend Sweetie and Zoey drove up and stayed for the weekend. Sweetie found herself on a shopping spree that was very affordable. Some shops actually sell cheap shoes which looks stunningly nice and other shops that sell dresses that look great and cheap! She was happy with all her purchases after shopping for about 6 hours in Queens Bay Mall. I met up with her after my training session and we had something to bite in Dome. That's when my stomach decided to give-in to whatever was caused my food poisioning. A few trips to the toilet made me go "oh ho" this isn't normal. We decided to head home after shopping a little more.

The next morning I had to go to the clinic to get some meds. I knew it was bad when I started to get a fever and started to throw up everything I took in. So being in bad shape I decided that I should get a shot of what ever cocktail the doc could come up with to get me back to normal. But this doctor explained that it's good that I have what I have, it'll clean my system. No doubt that I agree but I don't want to spend alot of time in the toilet!, he then gave me Anti-Biotics! He was an idiot. So I decided to pop whatever pills he gave me and just get more rest. Sweetie was paitent and helped me with whatever she could. Thanks. :) We also headed to QBM again to get another pair of shoes that she liked but alas we were a little too late as the size was already sold. Sorry about that.

Felt a little better in the evening so we decided to attend a wedding dinner that we were invited to. It's nice to see some old friends who have left the hell hole and are doing well, not to mention happier too. Bride and Groom looked good but the food I have to say it wasn't up to my expectations. They used to be better...8 years ago. After the dinner we were suppose to meet up with Ros, Tigel, Admiral and Jen but everyone decided to get some sleep instead. LoL.

On Sunday we went for Dim Sum brunch and met up with the gang later in the evening at my place for Mahjong and Xbox. Had dinner at a small chinese restaurant near the airport before everyone left. Spent the rest of the evening playing with Zoey and watching Deja Vu then cuddled sweetie to sleep.