Friday, November 25, 2005

Just Like Heaven

Just like heaven. I wonder if the title suits the movie, it felt as though it was from another movie but just a different twist. But overall it was an enjoyable movie. It's more of a Soulmate thing. It was meant to be. But isn't everything?

At least cutie enjoyed it. I'd hate to suggest a show that other people didn't enjoy. Yay! 2 k for me.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 8½ / 10

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

3 in a row. Can't get better than that. Posted by Picasa

Class A Champion. hehe. Posted by Picasa

Group Photo! Guess where I am. Posted by Picasa

Prizes Posted by Picasa

From Left To Right:
Ho, Me & Chan. Both these guys are super smoot drivers! Salute!

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Gasp* This is my replacement driver, should anything happen to me, she'll jump in and tear up the course. Add Oil! Add Oil! Posted by Picasa

Cutie and Halley Posted by Picasa

Making notes Posted by Picasa

Going around the course. Posted by Picasa

Ready, Set, GO! Posted by Picasa

Cutie! She was trying to cram the book into her head. Lucky i stopped her. LoL. Posted by Picasa

Course walk. Posted by Picasa

Ian Khong giving some instructions to everyone. "Listen to me people, stop looking at the umbrella girls" Posted by Picasa

Competitors Car Park Posted by Picasa

A very expensive ride in the car park. Posted by Picasa

Sifu Ivan adding stickers. "This should give me about 5hp more" Posted by Picasa

GRA LOGO Posted by Picasa

Me and the Fish Posted by Picasa

My Service Crew. Purpose = to hold on to pouch contaning kitty treats. LoL Posted by Picasa

Entry passes and course map Posted by Picasa

Fully utilised the workshop Posted by Picasa

Scrutineering Session Posted by Picasa

Cutie's Gang at Oh-Sushi Posted by Picasa