Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Malaysia

Although there are lots of things that other countries have better, like cars and roads. I'm glad that Malaysia is improving and has been every single year. Being a multi-racial nation it's not easy. Look at some other countries where they fight against each other. I'm glad we're a nation that can live together in peace and harmony. Wheee!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Roslinda & Tigella

Now this might seem weird. 2 people who I never though of could hook up actually did! Believe me I was suprised when I found out. This Roslinda gal who has been my god sis for a while now, who've I helped up when she fell is now standing strong by herself. No more support needed gal, cheers to that. I'm happy that I was there to help her out in anyways I could. Tigella has been a cool guy, although sometimes he might get on people's nerves but I would say he lightens up the crowd sometimes. Hahaha. Don't go breaking people's heart yea!

Some people don't believe in Long Distant Relationships. I believe if that person is for you then the distance dosen't matter and won't be a factor when certain challenges arise. Yes, most people don't believe in it but there are some people who made it work despite the long distance. I wouldn't think that distance is an issue in Malaysia, everything is just a couple of hours away.

Best wishes to both of you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Whole Week in KayEL

People are starting to think I'm actually from KL now. I've been down oh let's say quite a few times this year alone! Last week was one of the longest weeks I've had in KL.

Need I say more? I'm definately goin to catch him this time around.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On Friendship

To my friends, I'm a little confused. Sitting here wondering why a certain few events that have occurred over a span of a few weeks seem to have had a major impact on how we see things. I'm sadden and a little angry regarding the whole matter. Mostly sad over it all.

Most of us don't know the true VALUE of friendship and how it's viewed by others but then again some of us understands what it all means. Here's what I think if most important.

COMMUNICATION is a necessity, a double edged blade. Friends will remain friends, through thick or thin. Things can be discussed and issues can be resolved with proper communication. But what you say or do has to be at the correct time and for the correct purpose. Misunderstandings occur more than you think, especially in a group of people who can actually chat about anything in life. Even the smallest match could start a fire, even if the logs are wet.

RESPECT is definately important, to me it's one of the important pillars within friends. We have to understand that what you think is funny does NOT apply to others. Everyone has their private lifes that would want to be kept hidden from the outside world.

TRUST is the most important part of being friends. Without trust, there is nothing left. Believe me it's not easy gaining this from friends. Breaking that trust once is more than enough to send shockwaves in the near future.

Well what I'm trying to say is. We've all got Communicate, Respect & Trust each other, as friends we'll definately pull through eventhough it's tough. I'm starting to sound like I'm preaching or something. Oh My Gawd!

Cheers to everyone! I'm glad to have everyone of you as friends. I love ya'll!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Convoy Sweeper

Recently I had an opportunity to drive with Volvo. I was to drive the current model S60 as Sweeper Car and Ivan drove the current model S80 as Lead Car. All we had to do I just ensure the drivers in other 5 cars whicn were 3 New S80, 1 BMW 525 and 1 Mercedes went out and came back safely after several 40km drives.

An opportunity that I enjoyed alot. I kinda like the Volvo well the T5 or T6 series anyways muahaaaaaa. Hitting 160-190kmh several times around Cyberjaya was a breeze. I'm amazed with the car's stability and comfort! Now I know what it feels like in one, if you see a fast Volvo coming up behind you on the highway, you'd best move over for them to pass. I was also amazed with the amount of low end torque the engine produces.

Kudos to the Event Team. It was definately a professional event and I am proud to be a part of that team.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Promises and Trust

.....When I say "I will keep a promise" I will.....

.....When I say "You can trust me" you can.....

.....When I say "I'll be there there for you" I will.....

.....When I say "You can depend on me" you can.....

For those of you who know me, you'd know better than to doubt me. I'm sorry if I offended anyone as I didn't mean to do so.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lexus LS460L

If there is a compact limo then the Lexus LS460L is one of the best. I had a chance to actually see, touch, smell, feel, sit and although I didn't drive it I was driven in it! Thanks to Ivan for taking Tigel and Me out for a short joy ride.

Here's what I noticed first, the driver who has the key doesn't even have to take it out of his/her pocket. The car and the key has a proximity sensor which senses if the driver is close by and unlocks the doors and opens the side mirrors. So like any driver you'd get in the car and sit down. Instead of looking for a keyhole you'd only see a round button which clearly states START/STOP. All you'd have to do is press the button and the car starts up and the seat aligns itself to the previous use according to the key's memory. Although this technology isn't that new, it's the first time I'm seeing it in action. Inside the car, the dashboard looks sleek, console looks simple enough to understand after a few rides. The touch screen panel at the center console is excellent! Controls everything in the car and best of all it's a TOUCH SCREEN. On the roof is a Sun roof, definitely good for a nice sunny day.

The engine purrs softly and you can hardly hear it. It's so quiet that you'd wonder if the car was already running.

The left passenger side is where the boss should be sitting, the chair has a massage function with several types of settings. The chair can also be reclined back to a more comfy position if you need to sleep. There is even a leg rest that can come up with a flick of a button.

4.6 liter V8, Electronic 8 speed gearbox 50.6 kg-m torque and 380 horsepower. Those numbers would be the most important thing you'd be looking at if you are going through the catalog. The car is huge and the power is just excellent. Although I didn't drive the car, being a passenger was a good feeling, the sound of the V8 was just a slight rumble. Goes to show the sound proofing in the car.

Alas I didn't have a chance to take a photo with the car. Makes me wanna buy a small digital camera around.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hook ups and Break ups

Lately some close friends have hooked up and decided to start a relationship and sadly I also know some who have broken up.

Life is Bitter ain't it. But I'm glad that the ones that have hooked up are happy now and for the ones that have broken up, I'm grateful they didn't do anything stoopid!

To the fallen solider:
Everyone goes through life the same way, there are ups and downs. That's what friends are for, hang out with everyone you know that can have fun or cheer you up. No point feeling down although I know it's gonna be tough, but you got to fight it because living life is what keeps us all going and moving forward. Happiness comes at a price.

To the happy couples:
Life might be rainbow and butterflies now but it takes communication to keep the ship sailing. Believe me, communication & trust is most important in any relationship.

Whatever it is, I wish everyone good luck! and keep in touch.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Party @ QEII

I was invited to a birthday party by one of my colleagues from another department. He booked tables at this new Pub/Club place at the Jetty. Lots of people from work turned up and most of them from sales. Good opportunity for me to mingle with the sales people for easy communication when needed. Finally met some people who I've been in contact through MSN and Mail but never face to face. It's weird, we all work in the same office but have never seen each other before but I think that happens everywhere.
Now the new Pub/Club is excellent. There is fine dining and the food is kinda expensive, but the envrioment is excellent. For those of you who have been to BED which is another pub in PG, it has similar interior design but bigger.

What actually made the whole experience excellent was the music! My hats of to the DJ who was spinning some funky tunes that were suitable for dinner time and as the night got hotter the music slowly progressed from funk to house to trance and the momentum builded gradualy. Finally a DJ who dosen't use HIP HOP in PG! I think hip hop music is OVERused up here on the island. The club was packed and it was really interesting to see some hot chicks around.
To the KL gang. I'll definately bring all of you to this Club ;)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Waka Japanese Restraunt

Once again I'm back to Waka. The buffet is the best by far. Sashimi is super fresh. The raw salmon is really tasty. Anyone who loves Sushi and Sashimi should try out Waka at City Bayview in Georgetown. Friday Buffet 6pm-10pm 72++ per head, specialty Fresh Oysters.

Alas I didn't have a camera so no shots of the visit.

Melmel, I'm glad that you enjoyed the food and company. Happy Belated Birthday wishes!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

KoЯn - Untitled

KoЯn is back with their latest album. WooHoo!

This time around they continued where the left off from See You On The Other Side album. Most songs have this Nine Inch Nails type industrial sounds. It's pretty ok and something a little different in some ways. But almost all the songs have good music paired up with Jonathan Davis vocals. Still the sounds from guitar, bass and drums are excellent.
A definate must for KoЯn fans.

Ah Harrryyyy Potterrrr! The mighty Wizard, the movie isn't as bad as what people say. I'm wondering if people who read the book had higher expectations. Is that true? Some people say there is too much talking. But to me I feel that the actor made the best of the part and did extreamly well in playing the role. The movie was done nicely, lots of CGI but for good cause.

A must for Potter fans.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 8.5/10