Monday, August 17, 2009

GRA Round 3 Photos

GRA Championship Round 3 2009

It was a hot and humid day. As things got underway around 10am for the Grass class to burn rubber, all went well with no major incidents. It was a spirited drive by sweetie in her automatic Kelisa that was up against the guys in Class A. She managed to finish 3rd overall out of 10 cars. William once again took top honors in his automatic Suzuki Swift.

As the day got hotter the big boys started to arrive with their big toys. Everyone gathered to watch the Pro Class take the stage, with more horsepower means more speed! It was indeed fast on the straights, some said they managed to hit 140km/h and some didn't even have the time to look at the speedometer. Whatever it was they were all pushing it to the limit. From boxer engines to the rumble of a V8 monster everyone was out to have alot of fun and with all that horsepower I was lucky to finish 2nd in class and 2nd overall!

A shout out to Ian & Jiannin for organizing GRA Round 3.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Busy August

Phew, a little time to update the blog. Well it's going to be one hell of a busy August, all my weekends are packed with things to do, which is a good thing because it's nothing related to my day job hahahaha.

Just last weekend I attended a wedding and became one of the oh so many 'best man', this weekend will be busy with events, same goes for the following weekend and there will be a trip back to PG near the end of the month.

I'll do my best to post up some interesting photos when I can.

To all my readers, Thank You for visiting and reading :)