Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weekend Up North

Last weekend was nice. I got to see both my gals as they took a drive up to PG on Friday evening. I was waiting to see what mum thought of Zoey, cause she spent a few nights downstairs. Mum dosen't like the idea of having pets, especially ones in the house. But I think Zoey was cute enough that she didn't mind much. LoL. Good thing Zoey dosen't shed alot. Being a very curious dog, she wandered around sniffing out the new location. She got used to being around my family after a couple of mins and she also started to learn to climb the stairs only after a couple of mins. She did pee in the wrong place twice. But she was a good gal for most of the weekend.

We headed up to Alor Star to visit Sweetie's parents and 2 other dogs, Momo and Rufus. We were wondering how they would react to lil' Zoey in the house. Suprisingly both of them liked her! It was definately a big suprise to sweetie, we were happy they were able to get along. Then it was time for Zoey to have a bath! LoL she was so cute, looked like a wet rat! Too bad didn't take any photos, must remember to do that the next time.

The rest of the weekend we spent at home playing with lil' Zoey. It was nice to have Sweetie around to give hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

2hours 35mins...

...that's how long it took me to travel from PG - KL and KL - PG from toll to toll 3 times in a row. At first I didn't really bother but I was wondering why it only took that short time to travel using my mum's Honda Accord.

The speedometer was reading 140-160km/h, almost all the cars on the road were giving way. But everythinng felt as if it was slow motion. It was also raining most of the time, so it made other traffic slower. I might have picked up a speeding ticket or two or more I think, maybe....errr.

Here's an incident, it was just in the tunnel near Sg Perak. I was heading back to PG and if you're framiliar with the roads there after the tunnel it's a high speed winding road to the bottom. I was bored and getting sleepy, then this BMW X3 zoomed by, I floored the pedal and gave chase. Yea it's kinda pointless chasing the X3 in damp conditions on the twisty roads, a quick glance at the speedo and it showed 155km/h. Up ahead there was a right hander followed with a left, in rally pace notes I'd say R4 (long) -> L4 (long).

Usually I'd take that corner without any problems so I lined up on the left side of the road getting ready to take the racing line but on that day the road was all of a sudden WET and it was wet the moment I was applying pressure on the brakes while I was turning the steering wheel. The next 0.5 seconds the car started to oversteer with the tail stepping out to the left, I was now facing the guard rails that were on my right. 1.0 seconds I braked enough to clear the corner and I applied a little countersteer to the left and lifted my foot off the brakes and the car straightened and I pushed on. I then decided not to chase the X3 anymore because it was long gone. So this is my first high speed oversteer incident haha. I'm glad everything was ok and there wasn't additional drama.

Believe me, words can't describe the adrenaline and feeling after what happened. So kids be careful on the road, always drive within the limits of your ability and your car's ability. Over driving is the most common mistake all drivers make.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Meet Zoey

Zoey is our new baby gal. Got her last Friday in KL, found her on puppy.com.my and was up for sale, I decided to give the owner a call and we made an appointment. Went down to the owner's house to pick her up with Sweetie. She had alot of fun with the other dogs and was happy to play with Zoey. We discussed with the owner on the price and negotiated before getting her. Sweetie is happy with Zoey and I'm am happy that I got her too, she's sooo cute. Now I got 2 cute gals. Muaks.

Naming her too us 1 1/2 days to figure out. First it was Roxy then Toot-Toot (this was sweetie's suggestion) and finally she came up with Zoey. Cool name for a cute and active pup, definitely fits her personality. Well I hope all goes well for Zoey and Sweetie as she will be the care taker most of the time.

F1 News : Kimi is the 2007 Champ!

Kimi Raikkonen Formula 1 - 2007 Champion

Podium drivers

The Prancing Horse! Champions once again!

Lewis after the race. Better luck next time.

Although I missed the start of the race I managed to catch the end and to see who gets crowned at world champion in Brazil. Watching the pace of Kimi in the final few laps was excellent, his calm cool driving reminds me of Michael. It's a shame to see Lewis finish lower, it would have been a fairy tale finish for a rookie to be world champion. But finishing 2nd with the big boys is just as good, there's always next year.

..Congratulations Kimi and Ferrari..

Birthday Wishes - Sifu Ivan!

Happy Birthday Sifu Ivan!
Thanks for the Dinner at Carl's Jr.
*i still owe you dinner*

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Raya in Penang with Sweet Pie

Picked up sweetie from the airport and we headed home to just hang out. There isn't anything interesting to do so we watched Top Gear's 10th Season Episode 1 which was quite interesting and kept us entertained for the night. Called it a night quite early because we had to get up early the next morning for a photoshoot with Suby. Jack and his gal Ee Kheng brought out their professional digital SLR's and started snapping away. Sweetie took out her cam to start shooting too and got some pretty interesting shots. We went to the Teluk Bahang Dam to shoot the photos and had an interesting time enjoying the scenic view and fresh air. Later on we moved to the beach to get more shots and around 10am we headed home.

Sweetie didn't finish walking around Queensbay Mall so we headed there for the afternoon and spent quite alot of time in the Padini Concept Store cause there was a sale at low prices. Got myself 2 shirts which cost somewhere around RM100, sweetie decided to use her mental power to guess if she'd be able to fit into 2 pants she bought. Unfortunately the pants were a little too big for her, she gave them to her lil' sis instead. How did this happen? there weren't enough dressing rooms and the queue was long!. Oh well, next time it's a must to try on what you're buying no matter what. After shopping around more we had late lunch at Julia's place, she cooked beef noodles which was excellent! Then we headed to Alor Star to visit sweetie's parents and dogs, Momo and Rufus are so cute. We had dinner at a local shop which served western food and I had 2 dishes for some reason. hahaha. Played with the dogs and dozed off to sleep after that. Was directed to the mall where we had lunch and walked around window shopping. Headed back to the Island around 5-ish and went for dinner at Julia's again, once again terrific food! Sweetie had a good time munching on the chow. hehehe. We watched Superman Returns on HBO.

It's a public holiday on Monday so sweetie was still around. We decided to head to Gurney Plaza to walk around and window shop a little. Spent some time in MPH and Toys R Us and just having a lazy walk. After a couple of hours there we headed home to pick up mum and went for dinner at the Tree Shade. After that Sweetie had to catch a flight back to KayEL.

It was a terrific weekend.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

To Dog or not to Dog

I've always wanted a dog as a pet. Unfortunately my mum dosen't allow any of us boys in the house to keep a dog because no one is responsible enough to keep one :(

Saw this cute dog on Lowyat.net forum, it's a Silky Terrier. Was making arrangements to get the cute dog and get sweetie to help me keep the dog at her place. But alas, I was too slow and the dog was sold to someone else :(

Back to hunting again.

isn't she cute?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Movie Review

This movie kept me laughing all the way from start to end. Another quality movie from Adam Sandler, Kevin James character made it more enjoyable and as usual Rob Schnider made a cameo appearance. Jessica Beil is HOT HOT HOT! watch and see why. It's a good movie and you should definately watch it.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 8/10

Monday, October 08, 2007

lazy weekend in KayEL

I got a surprise on Thursday evening when Sweetie decided to drive up and have a longer weekend with me. I was scheduled to go down to KL to see her, hehe....you're so sweet gal. So I had to work on Friday and we went for lunch together with the usual suspects I go lunch with, Gladys, Stanley and Rosie.

After work which was around 3pm everyone gathered at my house and we got moving heading to KL around 4+. Jack was also going back so Rosie jumped into his car for a more comfy ride. The drive was pretty smooth with quite alot of traffic, at least some of parts of the highway is done up so the drive was pretty good. Jack took the opportunity to shoot some photos while he was driving! haha. So we arrived in KL around dinner time where we met up with Tigela and had dinner at Ms Reed. Not a bad place to have dinner, it's quite cozy and the price is pretty standard too. I had the Lasagna, sweetie had the mushroom spaghetti, Rosie had some sorta spaghetti too and Tigela had some rice curry chicken dish. For desert we had a Choc ice cream thing which i forgot what it's called. Decided to call it a night and cuddle.

The following afternoon sweetie took to have KL laksa. Yum!. The laksa wasn't too bad the soup was good but the noodles wasn't soft enough. We also ordered Curry Kapitan with a couple of Mantao's. Caught a movie at Cineleisure before we headed to Ikano to have a walk around and shopped around for Crocs slippers but didn't get any cause it is kinda expensive. Instead we bought a bottle of tequila and a bottle of Cockburn's. For dinner we joined the gang at Asia Cafe and then headed home for a few shots of tequila before we dozed off.

On Sunday we decided to join Ros and Tigela for lunch and headed to Bangsar and ate at Madam Kwan's. Food was pretty good, I had the Nasi Lemak special and i got to admit that it's good. But I liked my drink, Lemon, Lime mix! Wheee! Walked around the new Bangsar Village mall before heading home to pack. Went over to see Ivan for a while before heading to the Air Port. I booked a flight with Air Asia and it was delayed, but it was ok, i get to see sweetie a little longer.

A lazy but good weekend indeed.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hiking Session

Here we were at Youth Park getting ready for the hike up to the top which usually takes around 20 mins. As usual we started late and it was a pretty good hike with 3-4 stops for Gladys to take a breather. It's funny, she's the one who organized this hike....we were kinda shocked...because...knowing her the only form of exercise is shopping non-stop. LoL. Surprisingly the path was cooling, usually it's more humid and hot. The view was nice, but you could see the haze around. It wasn't very crowded either, maybe because it's Hump day.

Overall the whole trip was good, took us around 1 hour plus to complete the hike. Then we decided to head nearby to drink some coconut juice.

*thanks to Jack for the photos

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Corrine Bailey Rae - Call Me When You Get This

How does it feel being in these arms?
what's it really like to be loved?
I've been alone now, how long?
Have you ever loved the way that I have?
and i have often wondered who,
who could love you the way i do?
now I just want you to know, how I'm touched deep in
my soul just being with you,
and I need you more each day.
baby if you're still awake,
call me when you get this.
I've got all this poetry now I didnt know then,
I kept inside. Guess I had never seen anything beautiful
till I first saw you asleep at night.
And I have often wondered who,
who could love you the way i do?
now I just want you to know, how I'm touched deep in
my soul just being with you,
and I need you more each day.
baby if you're still awake,
call me when you get this.
I just wanted to know what its like,
what it's really like to be loved?
These little volcanoes came as a surprise to me.
I never thought I could be this way,
and I have been cautious and I've tried to keep to myself,
but who could love you the way I do?
now I just want you to know,
how I'm touched deep in
my soul just being with you,
and I need you more each day.
baby if you're still awake,
call me when you get this.

A nice song from Corrine. Dedicated to my Sweetie.

Monday, October 01, 2007

A weekend in Penang...with Sweetie!

Wheeeee! Sweetie drove up to Penang just to see me. Had a more relaxed weekend, well there isn't much to do in PG if compared to KL anyways. But we managed to keep ourselves entertained and in good company. She left work around 4pm and arrived around 8pm on Friday and she helped tapau Burger King! After dinner we headed up to the Touge route and I gave her a tour of the stages. hehe. I drove her lil' Kelly and it brings back memories driving my Kelisa. Easy to drive flat out without worrying about boost and other things. I noticed that there are alot of road works in the middle but I guess it's for the best, there have been land slides there before. There was a group of people who stopped at the side of the road somewhere on the way downhill, wonder what the heck they were doing there. We decided to call it a night after the drive which ended around 2am by the time we got back home.

On Saturday, we decided to head to Alor Setar to see her dogs. Had Koay Teow Th'ng before heading north and upon arrival and meeting her parents, we went for lunch! A nice food store which cooks Chinese dishes, delicious servings, I'd definitely go back there to eat again. I forgot to take photos :( but I will when I'm there again. We made a stop at a shop that sells crystals and gems, pretty nice place, cheap too. The rest of the day was spent playing with her dogs, Momo and Rufus. 2 cute poodles, Rufus was the playful one compared to Momo who was really ladylike and for some reason she kept sticking to me. LoL. Darn this makes me want to have a dog! Oh well...in due time...in dueee time. Was thinking of getting a Jack Russel Terrier or a Border Collie, but big dogs aren't goin to be easy to keep indoors. Later on we decided to head back to PG and went out with Julia for Coffee Bean and Cakes! Yum! I haven't been to Gurney Plaza for a while and well it's changed a little. It's still a hang out spot for everyone of all ages. Surprisingly I didn't bump into any Dellians that I know. Took a walk around Gurney Drive, seems that there are alot of people who just hang out there and do nothing but enjoy the sea breeze. But too bad it was the low tide and all we could see was mud and rubbish, it's sad to see the sea that contaminated :( Later on we made our way home and watched a DVD before dozing off.

It was Sunday when I woke up and it was F1 weekend in Japan so I decided to wake sweetie up and asked her to get ready for lunch. Watched F1 for a while before heading out to have Air Itam Laksa! for lunch. While we were eating lunch it rained heavily and we were kinda stuck at the store for a while. Paid a visit to sweetie's lil' sista' in Tg. Bungah before we made plans to go walk around Queensbay and have dinner. We checked out some slippers from Crocs, it's expensive! but extremely comfy. Had dinner at Paddington's Pancakes and had their special, seems they charge RM55++ for 2 people and it's eat all you can on their menu. Only catch is that you can't order the same thing twice. In total we had 4 pancake dishes and 1 dessert pancake. I know I was so full I had trouble walking back to the car. LoL.

Sweetie packed up and left around 10pm. I'm missing U so much now. TQ for the wonderful weekend. I'll be seeing' ya soon gal. Till then, I'll keep replying all the memories from the weekend, over and over again. :D