Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wooow. This is the best animated movie of the year! It's touching and really really funny. I suggest you go watch it 'cause it's worth every penny.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 10/10

Monday, November 27, 2006

Longest Bus Ride

Last Friday I decided to take a bus to KL to collect my car which Ivan borrowed for a week. Everything went well throughout the day and I got on the bus on time and relaxed. The bus I took was Konsortium Snoozer which is pretty cozy and cheap too. The best part is it came with your own personal 10" LCD TV which is mounted behind the front seat. It had quite a collection of songs and movies.

The bus finally moved around 3pm, then as usual there was a little traffic. But that's when things got well pretty intresting, I noticed that we haven't moved in 15 mins. We were stuck in a jam! It was caused by a trailer which toppled on the bridge.

3 hours later we got moving again. During that 3 hours I managed to finish 1 movie and sleep. But throughout the entire trip I watched 3 movies.
I must say all 3 movies were entertaining but the Constant Garderner is well just so so.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's the final AutoCross event for the year. Phew, lots of effort put into getting ready for these events. Driving down from Penang to KL and making sure the car is ready for the event. But I love every minute of it.

At the moment it looks like the final run for my Champion Kelisa. She has been good to me for the past 4 years and it's still a fun car to drive.

I finally got the Scooby. It's time to learn new things and techniques, but it's so much more fun around the cones ;). So I took part in 2 classes in GRA this time, switching from 4WD to 2WD and from a bigger car to a smaller car, lots of differences in terms of control.

But the event ran smoothly. We're a great community of motorsports enthusiasts, more surprisingly is that the event actually started a little late but finished Early!! That's a first! A salute to Ian, Jian Nin and everyone who helped organize the event. At least AAM managed to sort out the timing charts and everything went smoothly.

I finished 5th in Class for 1.3L and somewhere at the bottom for the 2.0L Turbo class. haha. Next year everyone, next year.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mulittasking = Disabled

It seems that my job is getting a little more hectic compared to a few months back. I guess it's because of the new boss that is heading the teams. From the looks of it, the Team Leaders are trying to impress him by getting his requests done. But management data is one thing and Human work ethics is another.

If we work faster to fufill the Measurments then human errors might occur. Not everyone can multitask like some special few, and I salute those who are mulitask enabled. If they keep pushing like this it'll not only effect the quality of the job but it also risks the entire group since we're all under one umbrella.

Don't get me wrong I look at this as a challenge but I'm just off my game lately. Must be the holiday season which is coming up. 1 whole week away from work like last year. Guess I'll just stick to Malaysian soil this year.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Feeling a little pissed and annoyed

I don't like getting angry or pissed at anything lately. It causes other bad bad side effects. But sometimes you just can't ignore that even if you try hard enough.

I'm gonna speak my mind out about some people who are just inconsiderate asses. It's bad enough that we have those kind of people in the world but to have them in the office envrioment and in the same workplace is dreadful. It makes me sick that some people just don't know how to communicate. A simple meeting would resolve issues but I guess some people just feel that nobody listens to them. Jesus!! Get it in you head that everyone around you would be more than willing to help out even it you're wrong. No one is goin to lable you if you do something and learn from it. You only get labeled if you DON'T talk about it, dammit.

Plus if you've got a goddamn task to handle TAKE FULL OWNERSHIP!! Don't just do what you're told to. 'Cause you're the freakin' leader of that task. Then you'd have the time to talk behind people's back and say what you're suppose to say when you are actually asked face to face.

I'm just sick of this. All the attitude but for the wrong reasons.

Monday, November 06, 2006

R3 Time Attack Round 5 Photos

R3 Time Attack Round 5

First off I would like to thank R3 and everyone who spent their time in running the event. A big round of applause for everyone of you!

But as a competitor and a fellow Autocross participent in a full championship I kinda expected a little more than just a trophy. But I fully understand the trouble and hardwork it took to just get the whole thing up and running.

I'm going to say goodbye to the Pre-Viagra (cars below 1.3Liters category) and take up new challenges in other classes next year.

A note to the organizers if you are reading this at all. Keep it up and I hope to see you guys running the event next year and CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!

A fellow autocrosser took the time to write up on the event, here's what went down.

R3 Time Attack Championship 2006 Grand Finale Ends on a Muddy High

Round 5 and final round of the R3 Time Attack Championship 2006 ended on a high note yesterday evening, in the midst of tough muddy and wet conditions.

Close to 80 participants, with encouragingly, almost half made up of first-timers and novices, battled oversteer on the slippery and wet course, aptly named “Mud Pit” – an even more evil version of “Sand Pit” held at the same venue for Round 3.Hammond Lai, Team Proton R3 works driver and MME 2006 podium finisher, took top honours in the North Pole category and also set Fastest Time of the Day (FTD) with a scorching 87s fastest time. Hammond had already taken an unprecedented lead in the Championships proper, and was declared winner after 4 rounds.

In the Pre-Viagra class, Andy Kow in his Perodua Kelisa staved off challenges from Clement Chan and William Chong to win with a time of 90.41s. Chan Yau Koon, finished only sixth, but the points scored this round was enough to give him top spot in the Championships.

In the hotly-contested Eat Me class, which saw a staggering 22 entries, was nail-biting right till the end. Top Championship standings in this class were separated by a mere one point, where in fact, the top two tied for top spot. Soo Sing Kuan in his EG6 Civic proved his mettle and continued his winning ways, with a scorching 87.90s winning time. Soo was consequently declared Eat Me Class 2006 Championship winner.

After one podium finish to another, one of the winningest competitors in the autocross scene, Julian “Unker Pang” Pang, rose to the occasion to win Hung Class with a fast 89.75s. Julian staved off a stiff challenge by darkhorse Jerry Chew, who was also recently a podium finisher at GRA Round 3, and Gareth Tan, Julian’s stiffest competitor in the class. Gareth’s EK Civic had earlier experienced engine problems and could not continue with his car. In true spirit of competition, Julian loaned Gareth his 1.8 Wira for his remaining runs. Gareth impressively set fast times for a podium finish. TTR team manager and driver, Stanley Tai, drove impressively to take 4th position, with the Khong brothers - Ian and Ivan occupying 5th and 6th positions respectively.

With 88.07s, Mickey Teoh continued his domination of Rocco with yet another win and undisputed champion of 2006. First timer Teoh Fon Tatt in an EVO 6 took 2nd spot with Stanley Tai in a track-spec EVO III the remaining podium finisher.

Mickey went on to also take the Spunk crown, wrestling it from 17-year old Dominic "Dominator" Ang, MME driver and still youngest competitor and winner, with 91.9s. Dominic had already been declared winner of Spunk in the Championships after Round 4.

As part of its efforts to promote local grassroots-level motorsports, R3 is offering an MME drive for all winners of their respective classes in R3TA Championship 2006 next year.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

one of those days

Even if you try your hardest, sometimes you just can't avoid those bad days that come along to spoil everything.

Woke up a little late and rushed to the office only to be 5 mins late. Then I get this crappy call from this lady who keeps complaining about how there are no service centers in their local area. Well after 25 mins or chatter and troubleshooting I just kinda got annoyed with her and decided to do whatever is necessary to get her off the line. I won't go into detail on this because its gonna be kinda boring.

Anyways later on, I had a visitor at my cube so I just helped out and chat for like 4 mins, let me add that I didn't take any breaks since I started. Plus I had a genuine problem that needed some thinking so I could sort out the problem. Well people in the office sometimes just don't really know what it's like...the job that I am suppose to do and additional roles I play.

But after a while I just sat down and closed my eyes. Imagining driving through the winding roads of Japan and passing by the town that has Sakura blooming. The rest of the day went along well, thank you very much.


John Legend - Other Views

This is what i've been listening to lately. Pick it up it's John Legend magic.