Monday, November 26, 2007

..the long weekend.. November 4th Weekend

Some people just don't know how to appreciate other people's time. This is a case of miscommunication and not being responsible enough.

I was suppose to attend training for this particular subject. So like always I get up, make myself coffee and have some biscuits to much on before leaving to the training center. But when I arrived, I found out that the training was actually postponed till sometime around January 2008!. Then I ask myself, how did I miss out news of it being postponed. I looked at my emails over and over again, I didn't find anything informing me about it being postponed. "How did this happen?" I ask myself. Since I had nothing else to do I went home and decided to just drive south to see my 2 gals and spend the rest of the week there. What I'm actually pissed off at is the fact that the training was suppose to be 6 days and split over 2 weeks. The week before on Friday, while I was driving some arse decided to rear end my car in a bumper to bumper jam! I wasted time going to the police station to submit my reports and all that crap. Spend another extra day to get a report that was not ready and another day to collect the report that was printed WRONGLY!

Sooo, I made the trip down south. Met up Sweetie and we spent most of the time at home playing with Zoey. On Friday I picked her Cousin up from the bus stop and took them out to see the nightlife. Went to Velvet Underground at Zouk and met up with some other friends. We had some beers, white wine and some shots of what I think tasted like appletinis! After that we headed for some roti canai at SS15. The next day we all went out for lunch at the Curve for Pancakes and in the evening we dropped Sweetie cousin and bf at KLIA.

On Sunday we joined up with the gang and drove ourselves to Sepang Circuit to watch the A1 GP. It's was nice to hear the roar of those racing cars zoom by. The 2.4 V8 engines are pretty loud. Our very own Alex Yoong representing M'sia finished 9th in the Sprint race and 14th in the Feature race. Met up with the gang later at McD's Centerpoint to have something to eat before heading home to rest. I left for PG around 3am and arrived at around 6+am and now I'm just sleepy! I miss my 2 gals very much. ;)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Movie Review

Now this is an interesting movie. It's actually fully animated using the latest technology from a Japan animation studio. Stunning effects! some scenes you can't tell the difference from a real life actor or an animated one. The close ups are pretty cool as you can see freckles aging lines and all clearly! I would say that this movie fully utilized the technology from the Final Fantasy Movie and made further improvements. The storyline is pretty interesting and keeps you wanting to stay till the end. But it's has a pretty hefty dialog sometimes, but it fits well with the storyline.
Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 8/10

November - 3rd Weekend

Sweetie had to make the trip up this weekend because I had training for the past 3 days and a BBQ to attend, Zoey came along too. After setting up Zoey's play pan we headed out for a movie, watched midnight screening of Beowulf.

We went up to Alor Setar to visit her parents and allow Zoey to play with Rufus and Momo. It was interesting to see how she reacted to the other dogs and how they reacted with a new comer. As expected the 2 older dogs were a little jealous of the new pup in roaming around the house. For lunch we had Kenny Rogers, it's been a while since I've had KR, the chicken and muffins are still as good the last time I had them. After a couple of hours we zoomed back to the island and headed straight to the BBQ venue. Introduced my work colleagues to Sweetie and lil' Zoey who remained uninterested and quiet the whole time we were there. Got home around 9:30pm and we all decided to just stay at home to rest and play with the lil' one because she became active again once she stepped foot on familiar grounds.

Sunday morning, sweetie decided to go have brunch at Copthorne Hotel that serves chinese style broth. Price was around 12++ and the food was pretty good. After that we hanged out at Gurney for a couple of hours and finally getting a 5x5 rubiks cube for dad's birthday present. Lol. Later that evening Sweetie had a tummy ache from something that she might have eaten, she decided to stay another night and take medical leave the following day and went back on Tuesday morning at 3am. Salute!

Was a good good weekend.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

GRA Round 4

GRA Round 4, it was time to put the gloves on once again. Everyone was eagerly waiting for their turn to set a time on the course. The morning session for the Grass Class was pretty interesting as the course setup was a smooth flowing high speed course. A small accident occured just before lunch time and thank god the driver is OK. Bravo to the marshalls who helped out and to everyone else who provided a helping hand. Organizers introduced a new timing system that uses a infra red beam to activate the timer, so no more 3,2,1, GO starts. Drivers were given 15 seconds to start off once the Green light is on which signals the course is clear.

Pro Grass started a little behind time but everything was running smoothly once it got underway. After practice and 2 timed runs the much expected rain just poured down and took about 1 hour to clear. The course was pretty much slippery everywhere and it was definately fun having to drive the course in the wet. I didn't do very well in the wet as I was caught out by some oil patches on the surface and made donuts instead, lol. YS Khong did what he did best on the slippery surface going sideways FAST!

All in all the event went smoothly despite another incident where an MRS actually jumped the curb and went over the drain. The car was pretty much stuck in across the drain and it took alot of strong drivers to carry big slabs to lay it down as a bridge.

Can't wait for the next one on December 16th 2007.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Laaazzy weekend in KL

One of the most lazy weekends I had in KL. Didn't do much, did quite a lot of resting and sleeping when possible. Lil' Zoey keeps us awake by doing all sorts of notti notti things, like finding the camera on the stool and taking it to a nice spot and start chewing on it. LoL. She's darn cute.

Arrived on Friday with Suby, decided to keep her in KL since GRA is this coming weekend. True enough it was a nightmare driving Suby now with the block leak getting worst. I had to stop once near Ulu Bernam to give her a drink of fresh water. I got going after about 15 mins and arrived in KL around 5:15pm. I went straight to pick Zoey up from Sweetie's house and took her to the nearby vet. Seems that the doctor and his helpers remember Zoey from her recent visit a couple of weeks back. It was time for her 2nd Jab as a puppy, she was kinda scared at first and got used to the helpers playing with her after a while. Then the doctor gave her the shot, was done in a blink. Zoey was a good gal staying still for the shot and didn't make any noise till after 30 seconds then she started to whine and cry a little from the pain. Aaawww, I held her close and gave her kisses, she calmed down after 10-15 seconds. We paid the doctor and made our journey home without any issues. Back home she was super active and running all over the place. Sweetie came home later and brought Burger King for dinner, woohoo!.

Saturday was kinda busy, I woke up around 7:15am and fed Zoey breakfast. Sweetie was expecting the Piano tuner and a Telekom Engineer around 11-12pm. Everything was done around 2pm, Sweetie had to attend her company dinner tonight so we decided to go to Subang Parade to grab some last minute stuff. We also stopped by Cold Storage to grab some groceries to stock up. Left for the dinner around 5:30pm and on the way I stopped at the train station to get my Nice bus ticket for Sunday evening. Service there is pretty good and the bus was comfy too, ticket cost me RM58 which includes food and drinks. We finally arrived at the hotel and just in time too everyone was just arriving, the hotel waitress served beer, wine and other refreshments outside the arrival hall. The dinner wasn't too bad, first time I've seen the waiter serve the dish individually. They also had shows by a professional team called Moonwalker Group, was pretty good, but the best part of the dinner is the shows that were preformed by the employees. They were really funny and entertaining. When I got home I just dropped and slept after taking a hot shower.

I woke up around the same time on Sunday and decided to prepare breakfast for Sweetie. She was knocked out from all the alcohol she consumed from the dinner. So I started by toasting bread and you know how toasters have an auto timer which pops the bread after a while, for some reason the toaster didn't do that and my 1st batch of toast was burnt to charcoal black bread! So for the 2nd batch I reminded myself to do it manually, while I was waiting for that I took out the half-boiled egg thingamagic and prepared 2 eggs for sweetie. Toast and half-boiled eggs for breakfast, that's what I usually have almost every morning. Anyways it was kinda hard to wake her up so I sent Zoey in for her lick attacks and she did a good job waking her mummy up. muhahaha. We went out for lunch with Ivan for Prawn Mee noodles somewhere on the outskirts of town. Later on we dropped by Ikano's pet store to get more supplies for Zoey before heading home to play with her. Sweetie and I just lazed for a while before she had to drive me to the bus station.
It was a lovely weekend spent with Sweetie and Lil' Zoey. Can't wait for the next weekend to come.