Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Rare Breed Of Love

I was browsing through a book store today and I stopped by the Pets section. One book in paticular caught my attention, this red cover book with a cute little poodle. I decided to pick it up to check it out and the start of the book mentioned that this little poodle is named Baby and that she only has 3 legs. I flipped back to the front of the cover and looked closely this time to really see it. Then I noticed the book has photos of Baby with celebrities and one of them was President Barack Obama. Now that really caught my attention. After reading on the next few pages I started tearing up, to learn how dogs are being treated for commercial use in that way was just inhumane! It was just sad, really really sad. Baby's mum, Jana is now on a mission to stop these "Puppy Mills". To make things worst, the current Pulau Ketam incident is just making things worst here in M'sia. I don't understand how people can treat harmless animals like this, how can they lack the compassion or love for these creatures? Everytime I see the book or video I start to cry.

Here's the book I mentioned


Here's an official video

Another video from TV

Angles & Demons

I've read the book and had high expectations for this movie. I am impressed, the movie did keep to the main storyline pretty well and everything that I visualized was pretty much captured by the director. Although some parts were taken out, but I think those parts are best left in the book. Good call by the director. Anyways, I think it is much better than The Da Vinci Code and I won't mind watching it again.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 9/10

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photos : East M'sia - Sabah

this was not taken at a zoo...

..neither was this

Salut Seafood Restaurant

Tuaran Mee, a taste you won't find in West M'sia

girls were nice enough to give us smiles

...foot n toes not included :)

yes to my surprise there were blue fish!

the ocean water is really green

East M'sia - Sabah

Over the last weekend I was given an opportunity to fly east to Sabah to assist in a driving program for a certain car company. I must say that it was quite an experience, learning everything from A-Z. Although I've been through other events, having one in Sabah was quite an experience. Why? Well firstly it was my maiden voyage to Sabah and secondly I get to learn from the best on being an instructor.

Nothing beats starting the day at 4am driving to the airport and checking in the luggage and boarding the plane around 6am then flying for about 2 1/2 hours. Upon arriving we had to pick up 6 vehicles from HQ and drive it to a parking lot that we've booked for the 1 day event. Although we were there early, the locals who have occupied the parking lot won't be moving untill 5pm in the evening. While we wait, we did some other stuff till we finally did everything and finally finished briefing around 10pm. Another early morning saw us up and ready by 8am and by 8:30am the participants arrived. One thing I've got to say is that Sabahans are really paitent and friendly, they also listen to the instructors when we do tell them something. Finishing 2 sessions and ending around 4:30pm, we rounded up whatever was ours and headed for the hotel.

Dinner time was pretty interesting as we headed to Salut, which was about 15km from the hotel. On the way we were given a small tour by our very own head instructor, 20 minutes later we arrived and to my surprise this seafood village actually grows and rares their own food! So everything was absolutely fresh when it arrived on the dinner table. After a good meal, we headed back to do a little more packing before heading to bed.

On Sunday, I had a chance to visit the local Philipino wet market. There were all sorts of food stuff to purchase, fish, squid, shellfish, seaweeds and a whole lot more of things. I must say that the locals were friendly enough to allow me to snap photos. Jesselton Port was the next destination and I went all out snapping photos left & right. Got on the afternoon flight back to KL and thanks to sweetie for picking us up.

Although I didn't have alot of time to savour the moment of being in Sabah, I'd definately be back for more.

Special THANK YOU to YSDA for everything.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Big Brother watching over...

I've come to know that the management in my office is watching over my shoulder and sometimes I do surf on some blogging sites and youtube when I need to relax for a couple of minutes. Looks like they don't really like it, I understand that these sites will take time up and all and we're not suppose to be doing these things. But please understand that we're only human. We need some breaks from time to time. It's not like it's getting in the way of our work, we're getting paid to do what we're suppose to do and we're doing it! My team does everything from taking crap requests from top management which most of the time don't make any sense. I do my job on time and promptly. Just because you look over my shoulder when you walk by doesn't justify that I am not doing my job.

Oh well....I just wanted to rant. I've been told that it isn't fun working for someone else, yea, I agree.

Monday, May 04, 2009

GRA Round 1 2009 - Night Race

A new season, once again it's time to put on the racing shoes and helmet. After sorting out some issues with Suby, she was put to the test in MAM SIC Rally X Round 2 to see if she needed any more fixing. She passed with flying colors, so on to GRA Round 1 2009. With big names like Darkhelmet & Mickey not taking part everyone had a fighting chance to claim top spot. Briefing started around 1pm and Grass Class started around 2pm, fast and technical course kept alot of new comers on their toes, everyone watching to see how other competitors handle the course.

Later in the afternoon when the heat became ridiculously hot the Pro-Grass drivers started burning rubber. The road temperature was so darn hot it made Suby's tires overheat just before the finish causing massive understeer, but she held on. Other competitors were also feeling the heat which was really wearing everyone out, when it came to the 4th run everyone was begging not to run it. After the dinner break, night fall came and headlights were on. Everyone seems to like the night runs because it isn't so hot and it was interesting to watch.

Overall it was quite an experience. Apart from the scorching heat, everything else went smoothly. Suby did well this round.