Saturday, June 04, 2011

Ninja Joe Pork Burgers - Officially the best burgers in M'sia!

If you've never heard of Ninja Joe, then you'd best head that way, but only if you're okay with Non-Halal food. Why? because they are the only commercial store that serves pork burgers in the country! We lucky people know what that means, tasty burgers with little complication. When I say little, well I mean they are small in size and yes you may need 2 burgers to fill up your hunger. But they also serve normal sized burgers too named, Big Boss and Brucely.

Friday, June 03, 2011

GSC Gold Class 3D Movie Experience @ Signature The Gardens

Well there's a first time for everything, sweetie and me decided to catch Pirates Of The Caribbean : On Stranger Tides before it stops running at the cinema. I'll start by reviewing GSC Gold Class and at first glance I was blown away by the premium price!! Ticket price rm45 + surcharge rm20 = rm65 for 1 movie ticket but if you're catching a 3D movie + 3D surcharge rm5 = rm70 per ticket :O

So you know that you won't really watch every movie in Gold Class. So what do you get for that premium price? As you step into the waiting area a concierge will guide you through and take your order for complementary drink at the bar. The waiting area is pretty nice, with plenty of tables and seats to wait. Another nice touch is that the people working there greet you with a smile which shows good customer service :) Plus the food and drinks came very very fast, pretty impressive.

Inside the cinema there are total of 20 seats surrounded with Dolby Digital speakers and an IMAX Digital Projector for a High Definition (HD) experience and that's what it's all about. HD projectors are suppose to be flawless with non of the grainy scenes that you see in the std. cinema projectors. The 3D glasses are really nice but I don't wear glasses so the weight really bothered me a little, but holding it up solves that issue, although I thought the glasses could have been lighter.

Overall I'd say our 1st experience was great! Hope that the service will be consistent when we come back :)