Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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0NC3 4941N 1 pH1ND MY53lf 93TT1n' L05t 1n TH0u9ht2 TH4T 1 u5U4LlY W0ulD Ju5t W4Nt t0 K33P H1Dd3N 4nD UnCh3ck3D. M4ny P30pl3 ph1nd l3Wt 831n' 3v3ryTh1N'. 1 D0'nT 8l4M3 Th3m, 1T'2 wH4t tH3Y W4nT, 1t'2 wh4T TH3Y N33d.


1'4m w0Nd3r1n' wH4T 1 r34LLy N33d. 1 d0'Nt TH1nK l3Wt 12 MY Num83r 1 Pr10R1TY. 1 H4V3 n0 DR1V3 0r p42210N pH0R th4t. 1 4lW4y2 TH1Nk 480ut "wh4t 1F" Kw35T10n2, "Wh4t 1F 1 d1d tH12 4nD N0 0N3 n0t1C32?", "WH4t 1f 1 94V3 mY l0v3 4nd N0T kN0w1N' H0w muCh 1 90t 84cK?", "wH4t 1F 1 4M "T3h PR08L3M" 0F pR08l3M2 ?" 4nd T3H TH0U9Ht2 90 0n.

Wh4t 4M 1 d01N'? wh4t 12 my PUrP053? Wh4T 12 t3h purP053? Wh0 12 T3H PuRp053? 1 91v3 p30PL3 cH01C3 KU2 1 d0'Nt W4NT T0 L483L3D. 8Ut 1T'2 1N3V1T48l3.

1'4m 0N t3h 8R1nk 0f 8r34k1n' D0WN. my thR35h0ld pH0r 4n93r 12 ph1Ll1n' up. 8uT 1 533 N0 p01nT 1n 93Tt1N' 4n9RY 4NY1v8R3. 1 R35p3cT p30pL3, 8ut 5dv13 P30Pl3 D0'nt 533m t0 5h4r3 Th4t R35p3ct. My p4T13Nc3 12 93tt1n' 5h0RT3R. 1 d0'nT L1k3 t0 U53 l0n3lyn332 0r P1TYN332 T0 93t p30PL3'2 4tt3NT10n 0r KDV1p4NY. 1 D0'Nt 839 pH0R 1T 31th3R. 8uT 1t'2 54D TH4T 5Dv13 P30PL3 D0. Th3Y u53 th31R 4N93R 4Nd w34kN332 42 4 1v8D3 T0 93T 4tT3nT10n 4ND P1tY phRdv1 0th3R2. pH33l1N' Th4T T3h P30pl3 Cl0535T t0 j00 w0'nT UnD3R5T4ND J00 8UT th4t P3R50N w0UlD.

wh4T H4v3 1 d0n3? Wh4T w1Ll 1 d0?

1'4m 50rrY..........1 K4'Nt m4k3 3v3RY0n3 h4ppy..............my 84d.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Cookin' Times


After getting new "equipment" for the kitchen, we decided to put them to good use and cook dinner ourselves. Well not from scratch, we bought some pasta and sauce, so we had an italian fiesta. Lol. We also bought instant mash potato, which was suppose to be easy to make, I might have screwed up on how much water to put in cause it tasted bad. Oh well there is a first for everything.

Woke up early and headed for a team farewell lunch. It was at pizza hut. Nice to see the whole team out for lunch for a change. Everyday I see everyone staring into the monitor. Had most of the afternoon to myself then baby came around before we headed off to buy more "equipment" for the kitchen. One word...TEFLON! Made more pasta but baby added in mushrooms and luncheon meat. Mmmmm.

After doing some cleaning in the morning and having a late lunch from leftover dinner we made the day before and watching some ASTRO that will be offline starting next month, we went home and had a light dinner treat from mum. She cooked vege and stuff. So after sitting down and having nothing else to do I decided to watch a movie.

A Walk To Remember, my baby's all time favorite movie. Very nice movie, very touching. Some parts made me cry. I'd recommend this movie to couples and everyone else who has been in love. Cherish every moment with that person you love, you never know what's around the corner.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 9/10

Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend in KL

As i was typing this blog, my computer froze twice and everything i typed was lost. I am retyping everything but it might not be the same. Gggrrrr! Arrgh!!

Woke up early to start the day as usual. Started at 6am and left the office around 5pm after my team meeting. Headed home to pack and prepare for the trip down. This time I had good company, baby and her friend Halley who stayed with us for 2 nights. He wanted to get away from the chaotic KL life he says. LoL. Started our journey around 7pm and arrived in KL at 11pm. With only one pit stop in Tapah to have dinner. Baby wanted to drive the rest of the way. Impressive.

Clock on my cellphone showed 11am. Planned to wake up early to meet some friends for breakfast, all down the drain. LoL. Got dressed and got a ride from baby to Times Square where I had a gathering to attend. Had lunch with Alex, Chee Fook, Weylen, Alexis & Justin at a
restaurant called City Gold. The gathering started around 1:30pm and ended at 11pm. Everyone started getting hungry again and we all went for supper at a nearby chicken rice shop for fried pork. Mmmm, fattening. Baby came over to pick me up and we headed home to call it a night.

Baby planned Dim Sum breakfast with her friends and I tagged along. Went to Chinatown to have breakfast. The food, terrible, baby didn't like it at all. That's what you getting used to Penang food. LoL. After breakfast we went to buy some stuff for our Penang friends, then sent everyone home. I wanted to go shopping at Mid Valley but the jam was terrible, we were lucky to avoid the jam. So we decided to head home to rest. I took a nap and woke up around 6pm when we packed and went for dinner at Subway. Cadet "Baby" Mel was at the wheel this time and she drove all the way back to Penang. Bravo. Impressive. We hit the highway at 8pm and arrived around 11:30pm.

Loves and Huggs (i know hug is spelled with 1 g. keke)

Thursday, August 18, 2005


This is an excellent movie. Good laughs and touching at the same time. Some parts nearly made me cry. Nice. The ending was a little abrupt, it was more like a story book ending.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 9/10

Monday, August 15, 2005

Baby's New Car! Posted by Picasa

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cometh' the weekend...

This past weekend was all family & mostly learning new things.

Got up a little early around 10am and managed to get the plumber to fix baby's water heater in the house. That cost around RM180 just for the wiring and some pipe work, but at least we got things done.

Oh yea, baby finally got her own car the Perodua MyVi in apple green colour, sweet colour fits her sweet personality. Went to the tinting shop to get tints for the car, no suprise that the colour for the tint follows the colour theme of the car. LoL.

Dinner was next on the agenda, mum and dad arranged a sea food dinner at Tambun, Batu Kawan for my aunt and uncle who is from KL. They were around for grandma's birthday. Loved the company that I had along, my baby. ;)

No clubbing this weekend. Very different. LoL. (thanks baby)

Started the day by sweeping the floor and mopping parts of the house. Planned and plotted what to do with the master bedroom. Finally it'll become the dressing room. The afternoon Hi-Tea Buffett with Grandma and the family at Evergreen Laurel Hotel.

The rest of the day was sitting and chatting with my baby and at the same time, adjusting stuff in the house.

That's pretty much it for the weekend. Something different. It felt different. A feeling that is totally new to me.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Movie Day - Stealth

Good action packed show from beginning till the end. Explosions and special effects were superb. Great storyline. Great flick if you want action.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 9/10

What I'm Currently Doing...

Reading :
1) The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks (still reading)
2) The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (still reading)

Stuff I'm looking at:
1) S.Carter III (Reebok)

2) DJ Casual (Reebok)

Lol i started another book before i finished the first one. But Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is intresting! The story keep wondering what is going to happen next. Description of locations and buildings are accurate too. I recommend this book to everyone.

I'll get back to work and update later..keke.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Clubbing Weekend

Hola everybody'!

It's Monday again. My body felt heavy, thinking of the day ahead makes my me want to cuddle and continue sleeping. Reached for the alarm clock which is ringing, 5:30am.

Here I am thinking about the weekend.

Funny I can't remember what happened on Friday, after work I was like, Woohoo! and everything seems like a blur. But anyways I think I remember Friday night. Went out to SS to party with Gene and his friends who had connections with the DJ who got us in free. After about 1 hour we decided to head for some food at Mamak. Rafees!

Did spring cleaning at Baby's place. Looks neater and cleaner now, isn't it? Keke. Then went shopping for house hold items with Baby and mum. Went looking for a fridge and single stove. But little did i know we were all just shopping and taking down prices and comparing the specs of these products. Lesson learnt from all this.

Later in the evening was clubbing again, this time Mambo in Gurney. Hip Hop mix with DJ Jakeman from Hitz.fm was there to play some tunes. But I gota say his mixes were a bit weird, short fast and slow tempo almost at the same time. Nearly finished 1 jug of Carlsberg Beer. Felt a bit woozy after that. keke. Went with Gene and his 2 cousins from the UK. As usual I forgot their names.

After that went for food at Rafees again. Called it a night around 4am.

Woke up late and skipped breakfast. Baby bought me some Nasi Kandar for lunch. After that we went out looking for a fridge and stove. Finally bought the 2 important things that would complete the apartment. Baby seems soo hapi. LoL.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Movie Day

Well this movie was quite entertaining. First off it's better not to read what this movie is about. It's nice to watch a show that you have no idea what it's about and it turns out to be a great show.

Overall the whole show was excellent, the car chases were spectacular. Loads of action and a good mixture of romance.

I recommend this show to anyone.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter = 9/10

Monday, August 01, 2005

Usual Suspects Posted by Picasa

Whose teeth are whiter? Posted by Picasa

Food Wreck! Posted by Picasa

Tha' Weekend

Headed South to KL last weekend to sort some things out.

Work work work. Finished around 4pm and headed home to pack my stuff. Zipped off to pick my baby up and off we went. Driving in a Japanese made car which has a 1.6-liter engine giving out at least 100 horse powered car at the wheels. A Nissan Sentra. Which is 7 years old this year. Anyways it gets me from A to B at least. Started the journey at 7pm and arrived safely in KL around 10:30pm. Non-Stop trip from Penang to KL. My navigator seemed quite eager to get home this weekend to spend time with family and friends. Bunked and slept upon arrival.

Raised from the dead around 9am and took my time getting ready for the day. Left for YSKhong Workshop around 12pm. Met up with Ian and went off with him to check my car which is in the workshop. Sorted out the Celica engine problem. Left for dinner around 7pm. Went to PJ Old Town to have duck rice dinner. After dinner I just dropped and slept off.

Woke up around 7am for breakfast in Bangsar. Ate at Stroodles, they serve pastries for breakfast. They had a small western buffett breakfast too, I had that while baby had the a slice of Mango Stroodle. Mmmmm. Met up with Jeremy too. Had a nice chat till around 10am before we headed off. Then met up at 11am Bandar Utama with baby's group of friends for pizza lunch. After lunch we headed to The Curve next to Ikea. Window shopped a little here and there, left and packed. Started moving from KL around 7pm. Again a Non-Stop drive from KL to PG.

Phew. It's good to drive at night, not tiring.