Sunday, February 25, 2007

Becoming A Driving Instructor?

It has always been a dream of mine, working for a car company and driving their cars. Becoming a test driver and all. Alas that kind of chance isn't easy to come by in this country. So the next best option is to become an instructor, I guess. Haha.

So I got this SMS from my driving Sifu in KL mentioning that there is an opportunity to become a driving instructor! Now that's a chance that I wouldn't want to miss out on. So like everyone else, I submitted my entry form and waited for a response from the company that is hiring. (I am not allowed to disclose the name of the company unfortunately) I got a call on Thursday afternoon, I was actually shortlisted and out of 150 people only 50 were selected. Nice gal over the phone, Eliza. Made an appointment for Saturday morning.

Since it was nearly the end of the Chinese new year I decided not to drive down to avoid the jams. Then I franticly searched for available flights to KL. I found it cheaper to fly MAS, Air Asia prices actually hike up if you book last minute.

Then came the flight. It was a good flight, was kind of boring but I managed to keep myself busy reading a book. Took the KLIA Express train to Central Station where my Sifu gave me a ride. All the guys actually met up at his place and we all ended up playing GT4 and mahjong till 2am. LoL.

Interview Day
I needed a ride to the hotel that the interview was held. Managed to hitch a ride from a Malaysia Rally Legend that I won't name for now. He actually asked me to drive him, I was like woha! Are you sure? LoL. Drove the new Proton Satria, it was my first time and I'm quite impressed with the build of the car. It's pretty solid and although I didn't really push it the handling was surprisingly good.

My interview time was at 9am. So I waited and waited for my turn, it ended up being 9:45am but all was good for me. hehe. There were 3 people in the interview. I was nervous but I think I managed to talk calmly and smoothly. Most of my buddies also turned up for the interview, Julian, Gareth & Hammond brothers and a few others. After my interview, I headed to KLCC to do some shopping, ended up spending lots of time in Kinokuniya book store looking for books and all. Continued walking around till my works actually hurt! Spent loads of time in the electronic shops, Sony had their PS3 on display on their big Sony LCD tv's and the quality of the video is excellent. I'm definitely getting my hands on one when I have enough money saved up.

I had nothing else to do so I met up with the gang again in the hotel and we all talked as some of them had their interview times delayed. So it was 7pm when we all left the hotel and headed for dinner at the Curve. There is this Vietnamese noodle shop which is quite good. I kinda forgot the name but it's quite popular although you need to adjust to the aroma of the spices they use.

Here I am now, just wasting some time before I head to the airport in a couple of hours.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wishing All My Friends A Wonderful and Prosperous New Year!


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another weekend in KL and a quick trip Back to PG

It's nearly a week since I was in KL again. After GRA's Driving advantage, suby developed a slight problem which couldn't be solved. So I had to leave suby to the experts to take a look. It seems that the Mass Airflow Unit was giving problems. But after much troubleshooting they found a burnt wire that actually caused a pin on the ECU to evaporate. Lucky YSKHONG MOTORSPORTS had the expertise to sort out that issue.

Hopped on a bus back on Monday night and went back to KL on Saturday. Sorted some other small issues that was caused from that burnt wire and all was good. So a Saturday night in KL, people would usually go partayyy. But nooooo, we motorheads would rather go driving (not that i was against it). Thanks to some of the GRA members who planned this trip. So having got the car back and ready to go, I met up with the gang. At the Karak pump station, in total i think 10 -11 cars actually made it for this trip. All the way up to Genting's First World Hotel to have Starbucks.

The best part of the whole trip which only lasted 15-20mins in total from the pump station to the top was keeping up with Rally legend "YS Khong". FYI, he was testing the new and current version of the Honda Civic 2.0L i-VTEC. Mind you it's an Automatic tranny car!. I'm happy that I could lose all the other Putra's that could drive fast in a straight line and keep up with uncle YS. I could only keep up with him. :)

So after all that, it was 4am when i got into bed. Then I woke up at 8am and couldn't sleep anymore. I decided to hang around for some GT4 on the the PS2 and when I left KL it was 8:45pm. Afraid of being too tired and the possibility of dozing off at the wheel, I decided to get back to PG as fast as possible (without killing myself ahuh). 1 pit stop at Tapah for Fuel. 2hours 30mins later I made it to the Juru toll in PG.

Then it was back to work as usual on Monday.