Monday, June 25, 2007

Assumption is a very powerful Weapon..ya know

Is it hard to accept 2 people, a gal and a guy being close friends and having no sparks flying around?

Apparently there are lots of people who are assuming that I am already with someone or getting together with someone. Yes I've been hangin' out with Rosie Sis alot, but that's about it. There ain't anything happening apart from that. Thus the reason we went with the God Bro/Sis pact. We like our relationship as bro and sis, plus there isn't any romance in the air, but if there were any we'd know more about that than most people would rite? We've been through tough times and we helped each other out with moral support. I appreciate what she's done and I am just repaying that kindness with mine.

There have been times where our own hang out gang started asking questions about us and what's going on and all. Doesn't really bother me but after getting asked the same question several times and having to give the same answer over and over again, it's getting annoying and a little tiring. Believe me, I'm not pissed or angry or anything like that.

I'm just making it clear that I'm still single, available and enjoying life to the full extent of my abilities. Hope that made it a little clear.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

A nice chillout place - Torch Tg. Tokong

Here's something new. I was told that there is this place in Tg. Tokong which loads of my colleagues hanged out at. Called Torch, it's design is based on an Irish pub style. They serve not only beverages for happy hour but also quite a variety of food. Service was good too. I didn't take any photos unfortunately but believe me I would go back there again for dinner and drinks anytime.

Lighting made the place more enjoyable, on the walls they had old movie posters and the music was jazz-blues, easy goin-chillout. Perfect to relax to and chat with friends.

Ocean's 13

Mr. Ocean is back and this time we see how they plan and mastermind it all. A very enjoyable show to me. I like how they got stuck and actually needed help but still kept in mind that it's possible for people to actually trick you.

A must watch for Ocean fans.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 8/10

Shrek 3

The show has lots of witty and funny stuff but it failed to impress alot of people because it felt limited when it came to putting new ideas into the show. But still it was enjoyable enough to keep me entertained.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 6/10

Friday, June 22, 2007

Speedy HEAT to end the Week

It was coming, you could say the inevitable. Driving so many times on the North-South highway takes it's toll on people like me who needs to get to their destination a little faster than normal. Was a pretty good week and I was looking forward to saving some gas money since Suby wasn't around, but alas that wouldn't happen just yet.

2 A4 sized letters arrived addressed to me and surprise surprise it was from the traffic police. Seems they are using these new speed trap cameras that don't require a human being to operate. Well lesson learned, time to start thinking "How do we beat these things?"

I lean back and think about it. "Sigh"

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My New Toy = 1800

Finally decided to get myself a new gaming machine.

It looks sweet and sleek in design. Wished I could get the black Elite version that comes with the 120GB HDD but that won't be available too soon.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

...a MisCommunication....

When I woke up it was around 8am. Surprisingly I was up and fresh, maybe its the extra hours of sleep that I had. I had a schedule for training in Inti College, so I made my way on time to the training center and to my surprise I was the first person there. Then about 10 minutes later another guy came in.

Then the trainer gave us the list of people attending.....4 in total. What??? Only 4 people, the class was set up for at least 10 people. So another 45 minutes passed, the trainer decided to start a little talking about himself and his experiences. We got news from another guy that this class is to be canceled. Apparently there was a slight miscommunication with management.

Aaawww....crap. Just as I was going to enjoy 2 days of training. So I decided to head back to
work. Lol. I hope this doesn't happen again. eh.

Monday, June 11, 2007

KL Trip June 2007 - UVNation Rave

There it was, a notification by my good ol' fren Peng Ngun. "Benny Benassi is comin' to KL" i got from an MSN message in the office. Woha I thought to myself, just as I am in KL getting ready for GRA Round 1. My mind was racing through the thoughts of a rave party in KL, location was in 1-Utama parking lot. Then I started to calculate my budget to come back to KL by bus, not too bad I thought to myself. Lol.

I started to spread the news around to a few people who would be interested. But only Rosie sis said yes and decided to tag along. Sadly other people already had plans or don't have the budget to make a trip down. I was only interested in seeing and listening to Benny spin songs and boy was he good, although he didn't play his famous Satisfaction in it's original form it was still enjoyable.

Actually I was kinda disappointed with how the management arranged the entrance and drinks. Total HAVOC! There was so many people, I'm taking a wild guess but I think there was at least 5000 people at the car park alone!. The ground actually stated shaking like a small earthquake when the music started and every time it slowed down everyone wanted more from Benny. His mixes were just nice for the occasion. The build up to the songs he play was good too, total time he was on stage, 3 hours. Think we all stood and danced for at least 4 hours before we decided to leave. It was hot and stuffy, lucky we actually found a good place to stand where there was air and a pretty good view of the large screens.

We ended the day watching F1 Qualifying at a mamak and a round of BF2 at the cybercafe. Talk about total exhaustion I was out like a light the moment I hit the bed. It was my 2nd rave so far and it's the best so far. I hope to catch Tiesto or Paul Van Dyk in the near future if they do come.

All good things must come to an end. Ended the weekend with a good bowl of Bak Kut Teh at Ah Sang's. Yum.

Special thanks to Ivan for accommodations, Nigel & Wee Sen for the transportation, Rosie-Sis, Ian, JianNin, Kenneth, Mary, Alex, Hock, Kisume(nickname) for the company. If I missed out anyone, my deepest apologies. Thanks All.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rave Party 9th June 2007

Hope to see some familiar faces!

Finished Book : Splinter Cell

Yay! I finally finished Book 1 of this series. Took me 1 year! Muhaaahahah. Yes you read right, 1 bloody year to finish a book. I'm sure you'd be asking yourself, why 1 year? Apart from being a guy who has a passion for cars and other things I like to read, I really do.

But before I read, especially a good book I actually like to immerse myself to imagine what the book is describing. From the scenery to the adrenaline of the character. It's fun to use your imagination to draw up the story and it's characters.
Anyways back to the book. The Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a really good read if you're into spy stuff. No it's nothing like James Bond. Imagine ninjas in current times, that would best describe Sam Fisher who is the main character and the best at what he does, not to assinate but to infiltrate and get information for the goverment. Believe me when I say it's a good read. If you have played the video games on the Playstation or PC you'd be able to understand and feel everything the writer is describing. Made me want to play the game again lol.
A must read for Splinter Cell fans.

Monday, June 04, 2007

GRA Round 1 2007 - Results

Class OD - 6th

Pro Grass Overall - 12th

GRA Round 1 2007

All started when I took leave on Thursday and Friday hoping to get Suby fixed in time for the event. But alas the problem would require more time and we decided not to fix it and continue for the event. Suby will remain in KL till the workshop can sort out the issue.

Sunday 3rd June 2007
I got up around 10am when Ivan wanted to go for brunch just before heading to Shah Alam. Bak Kut Teh was on the menu, for some reason the bak kut teh in KL is excellent, it's tastier. Then we headed to the event around 11am and chit chat with friends and watched the Grass Class running through the course. Lots of new faces in the Grass Class this time since the new format was enforced. Previous winners and modified cars are in the Pro Grass/Open Class categories. Lots of familiar faces here. LoL.

The event started out with driver briefing followed by a course walk. Everyone was given 1 practice run and everyone took it a little easy to get the feel of the course. Then we were given 3 timed runs and everyone was very eager to get an extra 4th run and by popular vote the Clerk Of Course (Ian) gave the green light for a 4th run.

Surprisingly the event went smoothly with only minor glitches. Overall it was the most organized event I've taken part in. Drivers were actually seeded accordingly so that made things easier when it came to lining up the cars.

I finished in 12th position and had lots of fun! I tried lots of new stuff with the car and was feeling pretty good even though I made mistakes here and there. Oh well, now I know what to expect from future events and how to prepare for them. Almost everything is a new experience for me in the Suby. I'm hoping everything will be sorted out so I can practice more and improve.

BIG THANKS to IAN, JIANNIN, IVAN, KENNETH & NIGEL. Without them my experience in KL would be less meaningful. :)