Saturday, October 14, 2006

Goin Solo....

There comes a time, when you feel so lonely. Hoping for some company but sometimes it just dosen't happen.

I just wonder......i really wonder if it really matters that I'm around. I've always wanted to make sure everyone around me is happy. But sometimes I just forget about myself and I forget myself alot these days.

Sitting here wondering about my life, I keep looking back at the times when I forget and was reminded when that special moment actually hits me.

I'm on the brink of losing the drive that keeps me going. I appreciate all the moments that I have with everyone and I just want to say Thank You all for being my friend.

Someday, somewhere, somehow I will find that special moment that will keep me going forward, I won't give in that easily and I know I will find that drive.

But for now....i'm goin' solo....

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