Friday, August 15, 2008

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ 1Utama

Service is very poor. Well, initially the people who sat us down and took our orders were okay, but when it came to paying the cashier was like a bi**h! As usual we asked for the bill and someone brought it over. The bill was RM32.65, we paid Rm35.65 and after 5 minutes there was no change. We waived the waiter and she checked with the cashier, sweetie could see that there were arguing. 2 minutes later the waiter came back and gave us the wrong change!

I picked up the plate and walked over, the cashier gave me a weird look and I explained that we gave earlier. She didn't smile or even acknowledge me she just opened the cashier and took out the RM2 change. With a face like that and service this bad, we won't go into the 1U branch anymore, we might not even visit this restaurant anymore.

So to those people who do run the Customer Service in Wong Kok Char Char Teng, please, please educate your employees on the importance of being nice.

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Rosalind said...

Wong Kok sememangnya lousy, in every sense.......