Monday, September 01, 2008

Trips Up North

Oh my, this is way overdue, but I'll just blog away. 2 weekends in a row Sweetie, Zoey and myself made a trip up north to Alor Star and Penang, mainly because Sweetie's Lil' Sister was about to give birth to a baby girl. Her name Andrea, she's so tiny and oh so cute, Sweetie couldn't keep her eyes off her and spent alot of time trying to play with the little angel.

Baby Andrea smiling, isn't that just precious? :D

While we were out Zoey spent time with Uncle Edwin who brings his friends over to play with her, not a bad uncle huh?. When we were in Alor Star we left her with Momo and Rufus who kept her company

Hellians and ex-Hellians at Lunch

I also managed to have lunch and catch up with my ex-collegues from Hell. Thanks Gladys, Stan and Rosie sis for joining us for lunch at Manila Place Gurney Plaza.

I'm thirsty

We also dropped by Alor Star airport to test drive some BMWs and it was quite an experience for both Sweetie and Myself. In the car park there was a beast just sitting there, the all new Nissan GTR35 covered in mattblack stickers looked magnifico with titanium exhaust pipes, huge brembo brakes and 22 inch rims.

Beauty & The Beast?

Then there was the long drive home with quite a lot of traffic, just because it was a long weekend in conjunction with Independence Day.

Well that's all for now....Phew.


GRexer said...

Hm... juz curious, is that GT-R in matte black plated PGT 3? Happen to bump into a similar matte black GT-R in KL downtown recently.

Hopefully they ain't too many matte black GT-R around in Malaysia :D

Andy Kow said...

Yup same one :)