Monday, December 22, 2008

GRA Round 5 2008

It was a humid day but thank to the clouds for providing shade from the scorching sun. Never the less the event on the tarmac was hot and exciting. The day started off with Grass Class fighting it out, sweetie managed to get her car back in time for this event and did all she could to chase for the title of champion in Class A. Being the only Automatic car in her class, she managed to finish 3rd in the event and 2nd overall in the championship. Congratulations Sweetie.

William who pilots a Suzuki Swift was crowned champion in class AA and he has been consistent throughout the entire year.

In the afternoon the Pro Grass drivers started their machines and burnt rubber all over. I don't have the results at the moment, but I will post them up once I get a copy. Here's what I remembered from the event. I was fighting for top honors of being champion for 2008, had tough competition from Singapore with a monster Evo 8 that has about 500+ HP. Ivan shredded the rear left tire on his loan Renault Clio Gti, he then hopped in a Version 9 Subaru Impreza WRX to continue his chase, later on I loaned him my car for 1 run and he managed to destroy the left rear tire as well. In the end I managed to keep a small lead to take victory in the event this round and sealing the championship as Champion 2008.

Finally my dreams have been fufilled, after 5 years of AutoCrossing I manage to finish 1st overall :)

Photos will come shortly when I get them from friends.


HarbX said...

Congratulations for winning the championship!!!!!!!!!

Andy Kow said...