Monday, July 06, 2009

GRA Championships Round 2 2009

...kerbs won some battles...

Another round has gone by, this time a new venue. Puchong was the area where Metro Driving Academy hosted round 2 and with perfect weather everyone was on their toes when driving around the curbs which make up 1/2 the course. The curbs were out to claim some cars and they did, 1 incident outside before the course and around 5-6 more incidents during the course runs.

Grass class was dominated by William Lim in his automatic Suzuki Swift, beating alot of manual cars with bigger ponies. Pro Grass was filled with drama as the curbs claimed their victims, this category was headed by myself along with most of the other usual suspects who managed to stay away from the calling of the curbs.

Hope to see everyone in Round 3.

...may the curb be with you...

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