Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Nokia C5

I've been using my Motorola E398 mobile phone for about roughly 5-6 years and it still works, as a phone. There are limitations on the E398 when it comes to multimedia content and storage and some things. But what I like about the phone is the "Stereo Speakers" they are still nice and clear with good bass power, even after all this time and abuse. It survived a few drops on the ground with no problems.

In this time, information is what everyone wants and with all sorts of mobile plans from the networks you can get anything easily. Yea you can carry you laptop around but what if you can't? Surfing the net is now possible on mobile phones that is almost as powerful as a laptop or netbook.

Some friends ask, why not an iPhone? I'd say, it isn't practical for me, sure it's nice but just not for me. So after doing some research I stumbled across the Nokia C5 which had all the features that I needed. What impressed me more is that it has a built in GPS! and the price! for RM600 it was a deal. Well it doesn't have a super camera but 3.2mp is just enough for a decent snapshot when you need one.

So I'd say if you need a simple "candybar" phone with the extra options like GPS and software to surf the net then I'd recommend the C5. So good that Sweetie got it too :)

Here are some photos taken by me:

Old & New

Comes with Charger & Handsfree kit

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