Monday, August 16, 2010

Astro Beyond

We've been exposed to all the hype and commercials before and during the World Cup 2010 about Astro Beyond which brings HD quality TV programs. Is it worth it? Well for an additional RM20 per month it's pretty cheap. How about the quality? Excellent! If you have a Full HD ready LCD TV then the upgrade is worth it.

Although there are just a handful of HD channels, there will be more added over time. Watching NASCAR in HD is just simply super duper clear, you can read out the smallest sponsor sticker on the car believe it or not. As for other programs like HBO HD and AXN HD, movies and sitcoms never looked better! You can see every single detail on the actor's face expressions.

Current packages have a 1 year contract after you sign up before you can jump ship, so if you sign up you have to stick to the Beyond package for 1 year, minimum. Takes about 3-4 days to process before they call you to set an appointment to get the dish and unit replaced. The interface has also been updated for the Beyond package, which looks nicer.

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