Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bhut Jolokia - Ghost Chili

For those who know me well enough know that I can't handle spicy stuff, but I do have a very very low tolerance to chili. It actually makes my stomach ache for hours and hours. An interesting topic I heard from my younger brother who is a little mad when it comes to eating food, mentioned about this restaurant that specializes in serving chili, also serves one of the HOTTEST chili in the world. Surprise, surprise when I stumbled on this article that talks about the now world record holder for the hottest chili in the world and one of the quoted phrase from one of the farmers in India where the chili is from "When you eat it, it's like dying" and I though to myself I'd most probably be sent to the hospital for even smelling it! Lol. Link to the article is just below.