Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Eve & Christmas

Christmas Eve
Had dinner with my family this year. We had turkey dinner, the chef, my dad. The dinner was great, he's a good cook. Wish I was able to cook like him. hehe. I also set up the old christmas tree with cutie's help, tq! I can't believe it's her first time she has decorated a christmas tree. Wow....Love Ya.

Then headed out to e-gate for some drinks with my high school friends. Haven't seem some of them for about 1 year or more. Good to see they're still around and about.

Didn't do much except for breakfast at a hawker store in BJ and coffee at Starbucks e-gate. Oo I'm addicted to the Christmas Latte. Then lazed around for most of the day. Although I might have ticked someone off, I do apologize for my moody behaviour. Must be the caffine! grrr.

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