Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Birthday Dinners

It was a memorable birthday this year. Thanks Everyone!


Dinner with Cutie at Tiffins Parkroyal. It was something different from going to Marios. Not a bad restraunt. Food was excellent, I had the lamb shank and cutie the rib eye. Service was superb! I would go back there in about 2 years cause the price is well a tad pricy. Lol. There was a band playing music too and they played "Lady In Red" for the lovely lady at the table (i sang with them too, hehe). Thanks for the lovely dinner Cutie.


Hang out with a couple of friends. E-gate Secret Recipe and Starbucks. I'm glad to be able to hang out with friends like them. Thanks everyone.

Family dinner with everyone. This time it was at Fusion at Gurney Hotel. The food there is great if you're really really hungry for a mix of foods. Lol. Overall a good place for buffet dinner.

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