Friday, April 14, 2006

Early Birthday Wishes from My Team

A Special Shoutout to my team mates who gave me a suprise birthday cake and present!
Thank You all! I am overjoyed with this and thanks again for making me feel special.

Thursday 13th April 2006
Dinner at Evergreen Laurel for their international buffet. The food was so so. Setting with panio music playing was great. Chatting and lauging at the table with the gang.
But I never did expect anything like a birthday cake from everyone in my team. *sobs* It's soooo nice of them. What topped it all off was the birthday present. A whole set of Dan Brown's books. I was kinda shocked, a set of those books aren't cheap.

The past...
25 years old. I certainly don't feel old, maybe wiser but not old. Haha. One year ago I was mending myself together, pulling through and trying my best to meet more people, make more friends. The whole year was a new learning exprience for me, understanding how to handle my emotions and learning to say the right things at the right time was tough. But I couldn't have done it without my friends, my good good friends.

Thanks for being there for me.

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