Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Books I've read..so far...2006

Nicholas Sparks

The Wedding
This is the first book I've finished within 1 year! Woohoo! Yea it usually takes me longer to finish a book with all the distractions of technology around me. But I loved this book, Mel introduced this book to me and now I know why it's one of her favorite novels.

Another book called 'The Notebook' is actually the prequel to 'The Wedding'. It's been made into a movie too. I recommend this 2 stories to anyone, you'll love it.

Andy's Book-O-Meter : 10/10

David Michaels

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Another book I've finished! In record time too from my first book. A good read if you want some action.

Andy's Book-O-Meter : 8/10

Dan Brown

Up till now when i'm typing this blog, I haven't watched the MOVIE yet!!!!!. My plans were to finish the book and watch the movie. I finished the book just in time for the movie too. But tickets were hard to get the first few days. Suddenly i just lost intrest. But I liked the book, it was very detailed.

Andy's Book-O-Meter : 8/10

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