Sunday, September 24, 2006


Here I's late nearly 2am and I just got home. Personally i don't like getting drunk. Had a few drinks but I hate Tiger Beer. I'm nearly piss drunk.

Anyways, I was just seems that all my friends have their own life. Everyone should have one. But tonight lots of us came out to have a friendly chat and drink at the same time.

To my god sis, I would like to say hang on and don't give in. Life's tough, if it wasan't there would be no meaning to life. People change and time changes people too, blaming yourself isn't going to help, trust me I've been down that road. The easiest way out is to blame yourself. Not a wise move. There's lots of life out there, you might as well take time for yourself and refelect on everything that has happen. It's a high chance that it's HIS fault. Sounds like he's hiding lots of things. Well screw that! If it happens it happens if NOT then forget it.

Remember I'm half drunk while typing this.

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Withered Rose said...

hahahahhahahahahhaha.....though it might be the beer talking...but still make sense.....and thank u for being there....