Monday, September 04, 2006

A pretty Sheetty Monday

Monday monday monday. All I wanted to do today is enjoy the Monday, eventhough it is the start of work. But up till now when I'm actually typing this, the day is still Crappy!

I get a call in the morning about a computer that is brought in from the USA and is used in one of the Hospitals in New Zealand! Now, our support doesn't really allow any sort of service to be carried out. It first has to be transferred from the USA database to the NZ database which would take at least 1 working day. Now the customer was pretty good to me and in return I did all I could just to get this done.

Later as the day went on, you'd think it'll only get better but then there is another case. A sweet lady on the other end. She's kind of a regular caller to Tech Support, so we managed to communicated well enough. This time it's regarding a case that is suppose to happen today!. But looking at the notes, the darn Technician called the customer's land line and it rang out. See the thing that bothered me most is, THAT THERE IS A MOBILE PHONE NUMBER NEXT TO IT!!. So I managed to get in touch with that Technician and asked him to explain to the lovely customer. Then to make things worst he gave lame excuses like "yea am pretty good, been sick over the weekend", "we're short on people today, 2 people doing 4 people's work" (WTF!).

Then the punch line, "It was my bad that I didn't tray again" Oh my, oh my, oh my. That nearly blew my top. Lucky the customer is still calm and we were able to talk about this again. So I did my best again to help out. I sent some emails to the proper channels to make sure the service was done tomorrow. Then the Technician's manager gave me queries saying that there isn't any special notes about this and crap.

I had enough and since I'm already off work I just decided to call it a day.

Then when I arrived home, I was told one of the cars at home couldn't start. After checking it for a few mins, I concluded that it was the battery that was Flat. So I picked up a spare battery from the store and got the jumper cables ready to jump start the car.

Now a word of caution to those people who would have to go through this again sometime in their life!

DOUBLE CHECK THE POSITIVE (+) and NEGATIVE (-) signs on the batteries!

I admit I'm no expert when it comes to electrical stuff. Yes I was afraid, some how I knew I might DIE cause I wasan't really sure what I was doing eventhough I have done it before several times. You would have noticed I put a bigger notice before this paragraph, this is because I found nice caps that cover the exposed parts on the battery. After pulling them out, I made a mental not on which was + and -. The I went ahead to clip the jumper cables to their respective parts. THEN, Sparks from the spare battery...I was like WOHA!...Is that suppose to happen?

So a lesson to learn is Check Check Check for those signs and don't put the cables Crissed Crossed! I nearly killed myself and also might have burnt all the wires inside the car.

What a Monday.

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