Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Making Assumptions

I just wonder and it keeps bugging me when ever I have the time to think of it. Why do some people jump to conclusions and make assumptions base on what they just see. Why do they not take a different approach to get the hard facts to understand the situation and understand the whole story before doing anything.

Maybe they're too young to understand that or maybe they haven't had this kind of experience before. But everything starts small and when it breaks out it'll spread like wildfire and if you're lucky it won't make your life HELL.

So you hit a little bump my friend. Life is like that, complain all you want. But make sure you talk to the right people and stop talking behind people's back, it's getting annoying. Sure you can isolate yourself and be friendly to some people to their faces. But your face says it all.

Sometimes I just wish I could turn back time and change somethings, cause I regret even meeting people like you. Still I do still treat you as a friend and not a foe, besides I don't want to see my friends taking a wrong turn.

Ho Ho Ho.

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