Friday, December 08, 2006

Thank You?

This post is dedicated to all those mgrs who make my life a living hell at during working hours.

Do you really have to do the things you do? Do you really have to ask so many time? Don't you see we're all doing the best we can? We're short handed and you expect that number of people to do what a Full team can do? That's just plain freaking crazy. We're human too dammit!.

If you're not happy that you weren't selected for the promotion don't take it out on the whole damn team. Your Vendetta is your own personal war. It's because of this charade that makes the whole team feel less cared about and more stressed. Crazy mofo's, we're not super computers working like damn robots.

Get rid of some of the Red Tapes and damn Processes and Tools which slow us down and we just might make a difference. I'm sure some of you guys were at our level once. Don't forget that. We're all a part of a team but some people dare to say we don't work together? We don't help each other out? Jeez, that's just a lame excuse to use to get back at your opponent. If you didn't know it's making our lives harder. I like everyone who I work with and I respect the mgrs who are doing their jobs, but to those few who are waging their own war. Please leave us of it, it's Collateral Damage.

It's just degrading and sad.

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