Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Xbox360 : Grand Theft Auto 4

Andy's Rating : 10/10

I've been a fan of GTA since it it was released wayyy back in 1997 with it's top view style gaming. It was considered revolutionary in the gaming world in terms of freedom to do anything and to go anywhere. Fast forward to 2008 and now we have the 4th installment of the game that is available on major gaming platforms. 3D graphics which are excellent and gameplay that will keep you busy for hours. The makers of the game really put alot of effort into this game and is expected to sell alot of copies. I managed to grab a copy for the Xbox 360 and when I was at the store they had quite a lot of copies for PS3 and the Xbox 360, so go get it!

Apart from the normal things you can do like stealing a car, shooting people, driving like a mad man on the streets of Liberty City there are other elements that have been added to the game. For example, the mini games like bowling, 8-ball pool, darts and some others which I am not aware of yet cause I just started the game. But so far I'm impressed with the contents, graphics, sound and freedom where after you finish the main story mode you'd have alot more of things to do.


Rosalind said...

somehow GTA 4's conquering the world now.....

i've always wondered..u whack ppl...police chase u...if u let the police catch u, do they beat u up as well?

Andy Kow said...

you should try playing it..muahahahah...damn addictive. hard to put the controller down.

if you let the cops touch you go lockup straight! they don't beat u, they do shoot at you though. haha.

Rosalind said...

i did...the earlier edition...i obviously...cant drive..hahahah