Monday, February 23, 2009

Wedding Lunch & Taiping

Sweetie has a colleague who got married and threw a wedding lunch in Taiping. So we decided to drive up for the lunch and back. When we got there it was pouring cats and dogs, every single time I head down to Taiping it rains.

It was a lovely entrance with the bride and groom singing a song together while they were walking in. Lots of performances from the Yamaha Music people and the lunch was pretty good. I must say that the menu was quite different.

Sweetie & Me at the wedding lunch

As we were heading back the heavy down pour flooded quite a few main roads and traffic was bad, having the GPS already on, I decided to hit the Detour button and it brought us through lots of kampung houses and a path through some jungle, it was qutie an experience. LoL. I'm quite surprise that the GPS actually has this plotted.

GPS detour brought us to a path that was in the middle of nowhere

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