Monday, March 02, 2009

Photoshoot : Toyota Vios TRD 2009

TRD also know as Toyota Racing Development has always been a well known after market brand for the Toyota giant. Performance parts that have been researched and tested on the track and perfected for you everyday workhorse. This week I had the chance to test drive the new Toyota Vios TRD and I must say, it is impressive.

The red decals that Toyota has slapped on to the body of this Vios to give it a really aggressive sporty look, don't expect that to be standard when you get one, although they do stand out in the rear view mirrors on the highway. Apart from that the car has some boy-racer parts inside, standard seats have been replaced with full racing bucket seats for both the passenger and driver, a Momo sports steering wheel has been fitted and a TRD badged gear knob. Getting in and out of the car needs a little getting used to and the seats really hugs around you pretty well. Under the hood we have a standard 1.5L engine which produces 110hp, TRD air filter, radiator cap and engine oil cap have been installed, with a manual gearbox the car feel pretty fast. What really impressed me was the suspension, they are definately harder than the standard model and that improved the handling a lot. Bridgestone RE001 tires were wrapped around the rims, pretty good tires which helps the overall handling of the car in the corners.

One thing I must stress on about this TRD model is the confort level, it may still look like a typical family car but once you get rolling it gets bumpy. But with performance you would have to sacrifice comfort.

Overall I must say that if you are looking for a performance package that come out of the box, then this is the car to get, unfortunately I don't have the official price for the TRD model but my guess is that it would be somewhere around the RM70,000 price range.

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