Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Rare Breed Of Love

I was browsing through a book store today and I stopped by the Pets section. One book in paticular caught my attention, this red cover book with a cute little poodle. I decided to pick it up to check it out and the start of the book mentioned that this little poodle is named Baby and that she only has 3 legs. I flipped back to the front of the cover and looked closely this time to really see it. Then I noticed the book has photos of Baby with celebrities and one of them was President Barack Obama. Now that really caught my attention. After reading on the next few pages I started tearing up, to learn how dogs are being treated for commercial use in that way was just inhumane! It was just sad, really really sad. Baby's mum, Jana is now on a mission to stop these "Puppy Mills". To make things worst, the current Pulau Ketam incident is just making things worst here in M'sia. I don't understand how people can treat harmless animals like this, how can they lack the compassion or love for these creatures? Everytime I see the book or video I start to cry.

Here's the book I mentioned


Here's an official video

Another video from TV

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