Friday, May 08, 2009

Big Brother watching over...

I've come to know that the management in my office is watching over my shoulder and sometimes I do surf on some blogging sites and youtube when I need to relax for a couple of minutes. Looks like they don't really like it, I understand that these sites will take time up and all and we're not suppose to be doing these things. But please understand that we're only human. We need some breaks from time to time. It's not like it's getting in the way of our work, we're getting paid to do what we're suppose to do and we're doing it! My team does everything from taking crap requests from top management which most of the time don't make any sense. I do my job on time and promptly. Just because you look over my shoulder when you walk by doesn't justify that I am not doing my job.

Oh well....I just wanted to rant. I've been told that it isn't fun working for someone else, yea, I agree.

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