Friday, September 18, 2009

Phottix Tetra Wireless Flash Trigger

Overall I was impressed with the kind of photos I can take with the wireless flash trigger to get those dramatic shots. But it was a frustrating day when I got the Tetra unit. Packaging and product was excellent for what it's worth, after doing a lot of reading on the net regarding them and how easy it was to use, FYI there was no manual in the box. So when I got everything out of the box I went on to put everything together, plug & play. Everything fitted nicely and I pressed the test button to check the signal, it worked like a charm. Then I was ready to take a photo *click*, but the flash didn't fire!.

Now I thought that there was some kinda setting that needed to be tweaked here or there on the camera or on the flash. I searched and tweaked settings for 4 hours but still couldn't get the shutter button to fire the flash. After all that searching and troubleshooting, I picked up my screwdriver and opened up the flash transmitter. Surprise, surprise! The Positive (+) wire was totally disconnected from the shoe rod, I somehow expected that to be the issue but it was the last thing that I checked :(

Overall I'm impressed with this product. Everything looks and good but feels kinda cheap, but that doesn't really matter as long as it triggers when the shutter button is pressed to get those shots.

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