Tuesday, February 09, 2010

American Idol : Kris Allen

I heard on the radio that Kris Allen will be in town and he will be performing around my office block area. So I couldn't pass up an opportunity to do some shooting. Although I knew it would be a tough fight to get a good shot at him with all those screaming teenagers I still did it.

So I walked from my office to the autograph session which started around 6pm. Sat down on a bench, unzipped my bag and put the big gun on. I felt like I was installing a rifle. Made my way into the crowd and planted myself somewhere close enough so that I could get some good shots. After about 30 minutes of holding my 3 kilo camera up in the air I was sweating like I just did a full workout. Screaming and jumping fans all around me, it was just crazy! Like a swarm of bees the fans followed Kris and his band to the car. These people are seriously crazy, people started to line up for autographs at 10am in the morning. But I'd do the same if Metallica or Armin Van Buuren did an autograph session.

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