Saturday, February 13, 2010

Australia - Perth Day 1

Started the day heading to the office after gettin' a call saying that there was no IT people around to assist on a Video Conference setup. After setting it up and completing everything 1 hour later I was home and did some final packing checks. Packed the car and it was time to head out to drop lil' Zoey off at Verginia's place, where she will be staying for the entire CNY week. Thanks to Verginia for taking Zoey in!. We're going to miss the small one, sweetie is missing her even before we left her with the other furry kids.

Hopped on the Ranger with sifu Ivan who drove us to the airport and we arrived with lots of time to spare. So we just walked around the entire airport till it was time to check in our luggage. Boarded the flight and just after 30 minutes and 1 multiplayer mahjong gave we were in Singapore Airport. Decided to have late dinner at a small Thai Restaurant. Later on we met up with my family who was already at the gate waiting for the plane.

6 hours on board a plane is my longest yet and I must say that I didn't really enjoy it and I think I managed to only get like 20 minutes of sleep. Watched Surrogates on the in flight entertainment and had breakfast around 5am. Another hour later we touched down in Perth, took us another 20 to get off and through customs, another 10 minutes to get our luggage and another 20 minutes to get through the boarder check. We lined up for another 30 minutes to get our rental car and after that we finally got moving, well after we sorted out how to put all the suitcases in our Toyota Camry. Seems the rental company ran out of Falcons so they gave us the next best thing. It would have been nice to drive something different around, oh well you can't have everything I guess. Driving around I noticed that the roads were paved nicely, smooth and signboards were pretty easy to follow, but we still depended on the GPS I brought along just to make sure we don't get lost too long. You might think that the Camry is big, but among the other cars here in Perth the Camry is small. There are lots of Subaru's running around and tons of Ford Falcons and Holdens.

Drove Edwin to his university to get registered before heading to his rented room in Millpoint Rd. which I must say is super expensive for such a small place. Skipping ahead a couple of hours we finally headed to our rented apartment called Veranda Apt. located just at the outskirts of town. We all decided to take a short nap before heading out to look for dinner. Just down the road we found lots to eat, Italian, Chinese, Western, you name it, you'll find it on that street. We settled for Kebabs after walking till the end of the road.

After a long day, we just slept for the rest of the night after watching some TV. Will update more when I have the chance.

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