Sunday, April 11, 2010

Australia - Perth Day 7 & 8/9

Day 7 : We decided to make a 1 1/2 hour drive up north to the Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Center. The center usually get visit from a few dolphins which swim up to the shorelines. Unfortunately we didn't get to see any dolphins because they left quite early. So sweetie and myself decided to make a sand castle which after a few minutes of trying didn't really work out, but we managed to morph whatever we had into a turtle!. We also checked out all the details and information that were available in the center.

After hanging out on the beach for about an hour we headed back all the way south to Cape Lee Uwin. Weather was getting colder, but it was just a nice breeze. Took some photos at the rocky shoreline since the light house was already closed.

Day 8/9 : This was our last day in Perth, so we checked out from the apartment and headed back to Perth. After a couple of hours we checked into a hotel and walked to Murray St. Mall to get some souvenirs. We then drove to pick Edwin up for dinner at Dome Cafe. Everyone headed back to pack and headed to sleep early.

Our flight for Singapore was at 7:30am, so everyone was up around 4am. One last drive around town and we headed towards the airport.

I liked Perth and I'd love to visit Australia again.

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