Monday, February 13, 2006

Company Langkawi Trip

Woohoo! Managed to organize a trip to Langkawi. 20 people actually joined in this time. It was great, a trip to remember.

Saturday 11th February 2006
The day started very early. 6:30am on my clock when i woke up. Gasp! I was suppose to wake up 30 mins ago. But there was no need to rush. Recieved wake up calls on the phone asking me to "Wake Up!". A quik wash and off to pick Cutie up before heading over to pick SK and getting WH to follow with another car, then Gladys and her friend May Ai.

Arrived at the Pier around 8:00am, just in time for the ferry which leaves at 8:30am. The ferry isn't really big, it's a medium sized one which is cramped full of people. We also exprienced winter weather on the way there. The air con was freezing, my fingers were frozen and i was shivering. I tried my best to keep cutie warm on the way.

Then around 12pm we arrived at the island and headed for lunch at KFC! lol. Weng Hoi arranged 4 cars as our transportation around. 4 Proton branded cars. Jeez the car is so underpowered. Too bad I couldn't find a sports car to rent, maybe next time. We headed to the hotel and checked in and relaxed till 4pm when most of us went to Underwater world. Cutie and Me decided to skip that and we walked around in the small Mall. I got a valentine's gift in the form of 3 Nike Dri-Fit Shirts. TQ. Muakks*

After walking around we decided to head to the go-kart track ourselves and have a go at driving flat 50kmh.....that's...just....................sad. But cutie seemed to like it very very much. Then in the evening we headed for dinner chinese dinner which is Halal, the one and only shop in Langkawi. Mmmm the food was excellent.

Later that night, we all decided to have a small beach party and drink Liquor. The guys bought a bottle of Swing and a bottle of Jack Daniels. We all played a game and the loser would have to drink up. Then some of us tried to do a marathon and see who will be the last man standing. 13 people became 7 then only 5 were left. After 4:30am only 3 people was still up and getting sober! Lol. This marathon ended at 6:10am when we decided to get a nap before a long day ahead.

Sunday 12th February 2006
Had breakfast around 11am at a nice Breakfast Bar. Then all of us made our way to the cable car area where we went up the moutain. It had a suspension bridge inbetween the valley. Great view of Langkawi from the top. We all had fun taking the cable car and snapping photos.

Then we had to rush back to check out from the hotel before heading to the go-kart track to have a racing good time. Well not everyone managed to drive in the dry. Some of us got caught in the heavy rain and one of em' was me! I was soaked, but the thrill of driving on the water was great. Lots of fun.

After the go-kart session we had to rush to catch the Ferry, OMG...we're late!. We were the last group of people who got on the ferry before it departed. Bye bye Langkawi.

4 hours later we managed to arrive safely at the Penang Pier.

All in all a fun time in Langkawi.

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