Monday, February 27, 2006

Kelisa's New Feet, HWL Adjustables

The car felt werid everytime I took a turn. The body roll was getting worse, the tilt would stick and there isn't much rebound from the shockers. The car understeers through almost every corner and the tires don't grip, which is werid they have at least 75% left.

So I decided to give the fish a much needed upgrade. After talking with Sifu and the gang I drove down to KL to get the parts installed.

1) HWL Adjustables
2) PRO RS Braided Brake Hoses
3) NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

Keeping my fingers corssed so that there aren't any complications. I watched and waited. After a few hours of setting up everything was complete without any complications. Thank God!. So later on that day after having dinner and all I met up with Xarrax and Desmond(Toyota Starlet) and headed up midway to Genting. The route we took was the old road used to get to Genting Highlands called Genting Sempah, I didn't have time to take photos of the roads unfortunately. Suprisingly the settings by Xarrax were very balanced. Thanks to YSKhong Mechanics for everything.

Woke up early said goodbye, had a Subway Sandwich with Cutie. Headed for Penang, I noticed we passed the KL toll at 11:30am and arrived at the Juru toll at 1:30pm. If my calculations are correct that's like 2 hours and 3 mins! Well I was driving at normal speed of 140kmh and on some downhills 170+kmh. Lol, i noticed the meter in my car was up till 160kmh only.

Ahh good times.

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Withered Rose said...

QUOTE driving at normal speed of 140kmh and on some downhills 170+kmh UNQUOTE >>WHAT THE HECKK???

Kena love letter from our beloved men in white+black uniform then u know

Pardon me, was bored.