Sunday, July 16, 2006

Moments that slipped my mind..

Maybe I am really having a memory lapse. I seem to have short term memory sometimes, I would walk to get something and forget when I arrive just to get it. But still I think it's just stress.

2 photo moments that I found on my camera that I forgot to blog about.

Last week, met up with Sherene & Pete at her place. It's nice to meet an ol' friend from the past, it's been a while. Though we do chat from time to time on MSN. As cheerful as ever, she always smiles. Ah, I did ask her to get me an Americal Football, finally I got my hands on one! I haven't thrown it yet since getting it. Lol.

Here's a photo of that ball! Dang, I forgot to get a photo with Sherene and Pete. Maybe next time then.

Few weeks back, when England was playing against Portugal in the world cup, which they lost again on penalties! I met up with some friends to watch the game at Bailey's Pub. But before I was at the Pub I attended my friends wedding dinner which had alcohol, so I took a few shots and a pint of beer. Guess I was kinda on cloud 9 when I got to the pub, I actually fell asleep a few times when watching the game. LoL. Apoligies my friends, we shall meet up again some other time for a couple of rounds. Cheers!

My Best friends from High School
Left to Right : Wesley, Choo Leong, Me, Ah Koay

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