Saturday, August 05, 2006

glory glory kelisa?

Today was kinda weird. After my trip to KL. I didn't expect myself to have a duffle bag on one hand and the other hand holding my car keys.....standing infront of my car. Good ol' reliable Kelisa.

I took a look at my watch again. It showed 6:30am and there I was all ready for another road trip to KL, all set and ready to go. But I just stood there staring at my car and asked myself if it was worth the trip this week. Oh yea, 7 days away is Round 4 of the R3 Time Attack, plus my settings were pretty much screwed up from the last practice. Note the settings were suppose to hold that kind of stress. So I was offered a FOC fix. But why did have doubts about going?

It kinda hit me out of no where. My head just started to calculate numbers....numbers on championship points. When I was done, I told myself matter how hard you try now, you can't be crowned champion this year unless something happens to your competitors. Believe me, I'm not giving up, I'd rather take chances. Then I headed back into the house, set the bag down and turned on the TV to just take a breather.

I was thinking about the car. It's done it's fair share of stress time at events. I'm proud of the car so far and I'm not doubting the cars' ability. But somehow I feel that there isn't any glory anymore. No one seems to notice these small cars. So what if I finished 8th overall among other cars that are bigger and more powerful. No one seems to take notice after that. I don't like to showboat or anything, but I just feel that no one really takes notice of anyone's skills in the Kelisa.

It's just mind numbing sometimes. Werid day indeed.

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