Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's rare to have an Autocross event in Penang. Thanks to R3 for bringin it to Penang once again. Once again it's held in Batu Kawan, utilizing the car park area they made a massive 2 part course.Challenging and technical course this time with nice double sided slaloms and long right hander. Getting the most out of the tires is quite a challenge because part of the course was full of sand. Slippery enough to give Understeer!.Lots of competitors from KL came up for the action. All framiliar faces and lots of competitive spirit.

Saturday - Practice
The practice started around 4pm after everyone had their cars inspected and given the thumbs up for a go ahead. Everyone took it easy and learned the layout and also what to avoid.

Then we had a 1st class view of the D1GP practice session. Also had the chance to watch Keiichi Tsuchiya do some demo runs.

Sunday - Race Day
HOT! The weather was just unbearable. Lucky I carried an umbrella and a cap. Though I still got sunburned.

Was quite a slow start but as the day went on the car felt better and worst at the same time. The car wasan't setup to what I liked and that made it a pain when it came to right turns. Understeer is the technical term. LoL.

Finished the day with the 4th fastest time in my class. Overall I was quite happy with what I got, but it looks like it'll be pretty tough to end the year on the Podium.

Once again for D1GP, looks like Tengku Djan won with his Toyota Trueno AE86, congratulations. That's about pretty much to say about this event.

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