Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Go-Kart Session

Ahh..the need for speed. Thanks to Victor for arranging all the payment details to get us 36 laps for RM60, not a bad deal at all.

We were the only people crazy enough to go all out for 18 laps in 2 races. The first race was from a standing start which saw everyone jostling for position in before the right hairpin turn. Everyone was safely through and the race was ON. Lots of people over taking and taking advantage from the mistake made by the other drivers. Few of us spun out too..lol.

The winner for the first race was : Lau Chua

Then the 2nd race commenced after 10 mins rest. Another 18 laps but this time we went in reverse direction and had a rolling start to continue racing. Before the race I had to change Karts as the one I was using had issues with the steering rack. So I was given Kart number 22, which was fast and well balanced for some reason. I was able to take the corners better with this compared to the other kart. So I lead from the start and managed to stay in front till the end. Lol. There were a few pretty intense moments, me and Lau Chua were side by side and had so much fun overtaking each other right behind Alex.

The winner for the second race was : Me. muahhaha.

It would have been nice if Penang had it's own Go-Kart Track, but the trouble with the Malaysian goverment is that they don't put much support to motorsports eventhough they say they do. Starting a track is expensive, maintaining it is even more expensive. Several tracks in KL have decided to close down too because of the high maintenence costs. But we'll always have ways to keep ourselves occupied. LoL.

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