Saturday, January 13, 2007


Keeping myself busy after work is just as fun now a days. Lol. For the past 3 days I have been invited to 3 dinners. But it was good having to meet old friends and making some new ones plus being able to hang out after a long week before all hell breaks loose next week.

So on Wednesday, I headed to my best friend's place. Wesley's 2nd sister is married now, so we had a small dinner at his house to celebrate it. Food was excellent, another good friend Ah Koay was the chef of the night. Wow, he makes excellent sushi and all Japanese cuisine. Kudos to all of them, I really enjoyed the food that night.

On Thursday night they had the wedding dinner at this place call the Moral Uplifting Society building. It's just off Macalister road, a huge grey colored building with a hall. There were about 100 tables and damn, there was so much alcohol consumed that night. But that's a typical chinese wedding dinner. My cup of beer was never empty or half full for more than 2 mins, the refills we like automated bots coming around every 2 mins to check. At least I had good company although I don't really know everyone at the table, there were all Wesley's friends who hangs out with him regulary. Weird, they all seem to know that they have to speak to me in English. LoL. But that's not the case, I guess they learn from what they see, I only speak english to Wesley anyways. The food that was catered that night was so-so, nothing to shout about. All the typical Chinese dishes, 8 course dinner. Mix dish, Sharks Fin Soup, Fish, Chicken in Herbal soup, Vege dish and so on. Apart from that I enjoyed the company, really did. Thanks for inviting me and congratulations.

Another dinner on Friday was with my colleagues from work. The management decided to have a dinner to say thank you for helping out the other team. An effort to keep us all happy and to show that they appreciate what we've been doing. Seem fair enough, we are helping the other team out, an experience that would make you drop dead. So we went to Bali Hai at Gurney. It served Seafood! The food isn't bad, although some dishes were just tasteless and overdone with sauces. I personally enjoyed the Crab dish, I ate quite alot of that, hehe. It's nice to see everyone from other teams at the dinner too.

Here I am on a Saturday just resting away. Out.

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