Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Edwin!

Was a nice birthday dinner for my younger brother. Close relatives and everyone in my family attended a dinner held at TGI Friday Queensbay.

First off I like the ambiance of the place, has a nice classy feel and it transports you to another world, kinda makes you forget you're on a small island. So everyone had steak on their plates, my dish had shrimp as a side dish. But overall the food was acceptable to me. For drinks I had myself TGIF's famous Ultimate Margarita, blended. mmmm.

Something else caught my attention though. This waitress that was serving our table, she had a cute and innocent face and a lovely smile. Speaks good English too, but looked kinda young. If I recall, her name was Kathryn i think that's how it's spelled. I wouldn't mind have a nice conversation with her, hehe.

Overall the whole experience was good.

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