Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ego-istic People

Have you come across people who have a big EGO? I'm sure many of us have had an experience or so with these people. Honestly I feel sad for these people, you'd wonder what kind of childhood they had in the past that made them what they are now. They are most probably the outcasts in society, although there are few people who actually try to console and help them out, most of us just become victims to them as they prey to show their ego off to these selected few people.

Sometimes it's just unnecessary ego boasting that is shown, even the most patient person can get fed up of that. But seriously I wonder why they do that, what makes them so eager to show their skills off at such high expectations? I know I'm good at some things but I don't show boat it unnecessarily. But like I've said before, no one is perfect unfortunately.

I just wanted to rant. :)

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