Monday, May 14, 2007

An Unlucky Week

I call it bad luck.

Wednesday my colleague and I screwed up a presentation meeting and were lucky to just given a warning from a close fren/manager who wasn't impressed at all.

Friday just before dinner Suby's temperature gauge went past half point and nearly over heated. Lucky I managed to stop nearby and finally got the car to the workshop nearby. The problem was caused by a broken hose under the intercooler and was fixed the following day.

Saturday evening, on the way to dinner a small bird ran into my car. Poor bird. After watching a movie with the gang I finally got home around 1am. I just wanted to check if everything was ok under the hood, then I heard a sizzling sound coming from the engine bay. I finally found out that it's another pipe which is leaking under the turbine. Small droplets coming from an expanded hose, gah! Another trip to the workshop and fixed after a few hours.

...a bad week indeed...

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