Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend at KL

Ahhh another trip to KL, to the workshop for more interesting chats with the guys and head scratching when it comes to checking the car and looking out for parts that needs to be fixed.

The trip to KL was easy going, traffic was moderate and weather wasn't too hot either. Kept Suby at 140 on the highway without any stops I arrived at the workshop in under 3 1/2 hours. Informed the boys to get the hand breaks checked and some drive shaft and steering boots changed. All in all Suby was pretty much ready for anything by evening.

My PG gang that I hang out with decided to head down to KL too this weekend. Edzil actually bought a new car, the Suzuki Swift. Grey karer. Not bad. So Rosalind and Cheryl did a lot of shopping from what I heard. LoL. I manage to take them out for mamak at Hartamas on Friday night, thanks to Nigel for the guidance. But gang let me apologize for not taking ya'll to a nice club or pub as you could see most of them were packed and the prices..well I considered the fact that most of the allocated budget would have already been spent on shopping sprees. So we ended up in the mamak puffing Shisha. *Thanks Mel*

By the time we left the mamak store it was like 12:30am and most of them were tired. Nigel and I guided them back to Jln Ipoh where their NO STAR hotel was located. Then we called Ian and gang, they were still playing BattleField 2 (BF2) at the cafe. We decided to join them and it was a lot of fun :) We continued playing after having a noodle break and finished at 3:50am. It was kinda unfortunate that Ian's van actually couldn't start due to a faulty ignition coil or starter. I gave them a lift home and by the time we got back it was 4:30am. I think I slept at 5am, I think.

Had an early start to the day, woke up around 9:30am and headed to the shop 1/2 an hour later. Had Suby checked again to ensure everything is ready for GRA Round 1 which will be happening on June 3rd 2007 at Shah Alam. For more details on GRA please head to their website

Around 12pm Nigel and Kenneth showed up and Nigel decided to go hunting for a helmet for autocross use. I decided to join them and we went around looking for the helmet, he finally got one for about RM300.

It was Saturday and unfortunately we didn't have much luck in planning to go to Velvet. So we ended up at Laundry Bar at the Curve. At the same time I was the FA CUP finals and Chelsea against Manchester United. It was lucky that Chelsea got that goal, but I was a nice touch and go by them. I managed to as Rosalind to join us and we all had a drink and looked around the pub/club areas of the Curve.

There was this guy preforming on stage at one point and he did beat box using his voice and I was blown away from his short performance. It was unbelievable, like having 2-3 beats and able to sing a little. The beat is something that you'd usually hear in clubs, house/technoish.

Had burger king and headed HOME. Ahhh the weekend is just too short!

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Withered Rose said...

The Clothes = RM700
The food = RM200
The thrill = PRICELESS!